Netflix’s improbable comedy gets a 5-star cast

Netflix is ​​about to unveil a rather special production, halfway between fiction and entertainment.

In Murderville, crime is high. To solve them, the small town can count on detective Terry Seattle, and his current teammate. The eccentric police officer joins forces with stars, different in each episode, to investigate cases more absurd than each other. Halfway between fiction and entertainment show, Murderville is adapted from the British series Murder in Successville. In this programme, which will be available from February 3 next, several actors find themselves embarked on a treasure hunt alongside actors. They have no idea of ​​the adventures that await them, nor even of what the character portrayed by Will Arnett will have in store for them (Flaked).

Alongside the Canadian actor, we will find several famous personalities from the small and big screen. Thus, Sharon Stone should lend a hand to Terry Seattle during a mission to say the least bloody. Host Conan O’Brien will also be there. We will also find Kumail Nanjiani, who recently appeared in the Marvel film The Eternals.

Netflix also went to dig into the cast of Community, since the brilliant Ken Jeong will be on the trip. The actor camped Senor Chang in the series developed by Dan Harmon between 2009 and 2015.

Behind the camera, two directors will stage this television UFO. It’s up to Ian Morris (The Inbetweeners) and Brennan Shroff (Dollface) that the task has been assigned. In production, we find the main actor Will Arnett.

6 episodes

Hostilities will be launched on February 6, with the first six episodes of this season. This is not the first time that the platform has launched a production of its kind. Netflix had in the past produced the show Prank Encounters with Gaten Matarazzo at the presentation.

As a reminder, the actor of Stranger Things had to trap anonymous people with horrific hidden cameras. A second season was quickly ordered, it was released on April 1, 2021 on Netflix.

And if this kind of show isn’t really your cup of tea, Netflix has plenty of other productions in its drawers. The platform will finally launch its spin-off of vikings, which promises to be emulated among fans of the series. The entire program for the month of February has already been shared by the platform.

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