Never do this if you spill liquid on the keyboard

It is very common, both in the morning with coffee and on hot days with a soft drink, to have a drink next to pc, usually very close to the keyboard to be able to “get your hands on it” easily. And of course, it is also common for accidents to occur and for the liquid finish on top of keyboard… several times we have talked to you about what to do in these cases, but what we have never told you until now is What you must not do under any concept.

Liquids and electronic components get along very badly, so to speak. If liquid enters any electronic device you are going to find yourself in trouble, and although we have previously explained things like how to clean a keyboard, in the event of a liquid spill we are facing an emergency situation that can mean that the device is damaged. irreparably damaged.

If you spill liquid on the keyboard, NEVER let it be

Let’s assume that you have just spilled some liquid on the keyboard, which can be water, coffee, a soft drink, or whatever. What you should never do is leave it connectedsince liquids are conductors of electricity and could cause a short circuit that could be fatal, so the first thing you should always do is disconnect it quickly.

Once unplugged, the other thing you should never do is let it go… if you’ve spilled liquid on the keyboard, the quick to clean It is crucial to be able to save the life of the device, especially if the spilled liquid is some type of sugary drink, such as a soft drink. Why? Because when it dries, the sugar crystallizes and will literally leave everything sticky, and even if the device can work again, if pressing a key sticks down or takes too long to go up, it will be as if you had not done anything.

In the same way, it is imperative to be quick when drying the liquid, even if it is water, precisely because being an element that conducts electricity, it could create electrical problems internally. Therefore, what you should never do if you spill any kind of liquid on the keyboard is to be passive: you should unplug it immediately (this is the most important thing) and clean it without delay.

This means that you should not leave the keyboard vertically waiting for the liquid to drain; you should use a dry rag to remove as much of the liquid as you can immediately, and then take it apart to give it a good cleaning inside. Of course, if what you have spilled is simply water, then it should not leave any type of residue and you could simply wait for it to drain, although in this case we would recommend letting at least 48 hours pass to make sure that it has not There is no liquid or moisture left inside the keyboard (however, we still recommend actively drying it, since, as we have mentioned before, time and speed are crucial in order to save the life of the device).

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