Never have problems with Word fonts again with this trick

The current text editors are no longer mere programs that are responsible for collecting our words, paragraphs and pages of characters. Perhaps a few years ago these applications focused on office automation were limited to these tasks, but today solutions such as Word or Writer they go much further.

The first title that we have mentioned above and that is part of the popular Microsoft office suite. In fact, we can safely say that this text editor is the most popular and used in the world. A good part of all this is given thanks to the work of the Redmond giant and the updates and new versions that it has been sending us.

In this way, the text editors that we can find on the market today, not just Microsoft’s Word, have become powerful software solutions. And it is that in addition to the basic tasks that they propose to us, we can carry out many more complex ones thanks to the integrated functions that we find. Getting the most out of these programs will depend on how much we want to delve into how they work. Hence precisely that at this time for example Word is trained to meet the needs of an ordinary user or any large company.

When we install the aforementioned office suite on our computer, it includes several applications. The aforementioned Word is included here. This is prepared so that we can work with it from the first moment and configured with the most common parameters. But how could it be otherwise, we have a multitude of options for program settings and thus adapt it to our needs.

Fix bugs with Word fonts with this change

In addition to spending the program to the operating mode that we really need, these functions will also help us to solve certain faults. In fact, along these lines we want to focus on some problems that we sometimes encounter when it comes to work with fonts in Word. For those of you who don’t know, when we talk about fonts from a text editor or from any other program, we refer to the fonts available at any given time or for each project.

Therefore, as you can imagine, we are not talking about a dispensable element, but one of the most important in this type of work. In the case of you find them with some failure to use or read fonts In a document of this Microsoft program, we recommend that you follow the steps that we will detail below. What we are going to show is how to embed the fonts to be used and thus we will not have problems with them again. The advantage of all this is that, if we share that document with others, they will have no problem when reading these elements.

word fonts

The first thing we do in this case is open the program settings through the File / Options menu. In the new window that appears we go to the Save section where we can already locate the section called Stay faithful when sharing this document. Here we will have the possibility to activate Embed fonts in the file and mark the first of the available options that by default is deactivated. This will prevent us and any other user having problems with fonts again.

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