Never lose a single DOCX again because Word suddenly crashes

Surely many of you already know that this is one of the solutions that integrates with the firm’s office suite, Office. However, there has come a time when it cannot be considered as a typical text editor, but goes much further. One of the main reasons for all this is that it offers us a huge number of additional functions. In this way, what is achieved is to improve the user experience with the application and increase its power and functionality.

In fact, by now you could say that Microsoft Word it is one of the most used programs around the globe. It is trained to meet the office automation needs of students, companies and individuals. However, we cannot say that it is a simple program, which means that Word is not without problems.

Problems brought by the Microsoft program crash

As with many of the software solutions that we install and run on our current computers, this one we are talking about can suffer sudden crashes. Specifically, we mean that the software Word can freeze unexpectedly when in use. It is not difficult to imagine that this can be a serious inconvenience we find ourselves in the environment of use in which we find ourselves.

By this we mean that a sudden crash of the program can lead us to lose unsaved documents in most cases. As a general rule we should have the habit of saving the projects we work on periodically here, but this is not always the case. In the same way, we have the possibility of configuring the program to save everything that we have open automatically from time to time, but it is not something that we always do either.

It is for all this that if we find a text editor that crashes or freezes frequently, we are going to give you a series of solutions to solve the problem. First of all, we will tell you that configuring this software solution to automatically save documents from time to time is very simple. This will give us the possibility to recover them in the event that Word crashes and we cannot save manually. For this we only have to open the section of Choices located in the File menu of the main interface.

Next, we go to the Save section where we will have the possibility to specify how many minutes we want the project to be saved by itself.

Fix Word Freezing Errors

but these failures that we are talking about with the program that is part of the Office suite sometimes they can even lead us to restart the computer completely. It goes without saying that this is a major annoyance, especially if the failure we are talking about repeats itself every so often. Therefore, if we find ourselves in this situation, the best we can do is try to fix the root problem. For all this in these same lines we are going to give you a series of solutions that should be useful to us.

Restart the Windows computer

As often happens with many of the problems that the Redmond operating system gives us, or some of the installed programs, the first thing to do is restart the PC. We have several ways to carry out this easily and quickly, for example, we can place ourselves in the start menu where we find the corresponding shutdown or restart option.

We can also go to the system desktop and press the Alt + F4 key combination to be able to restart from the new window that appears.

Disable program plugins

In order to increase the usefulness and versatility of this text editor, Microsoft itself includes a series of additional add-ons that are pre-installed. In addition, we can add others over time if necessary. As a general rule, these add-ons add functions that are not found by default in the Microsoft program. But while in most cases they are not very helpful, they can also cause crashes and freezes failures like the ones we talk about here.

We tell you all this because it would be interesting to deactivate these additional elements to test if they are the cause of the failures. To deactivate these add-ons that we are discussing, we reopen the options window found in the program’s File menu. However, in this case in the left panel we will find a category called precisely Accessories, where we click.

At the bottom of this window we find a section that reads Manage add-ons next to a Go button. This will give us a list where we can see all the add-ons both that came by default in Word and those that we have installed to us manually. Therefore, what we recommend here is to uncheck all of them in their corresponding box, restart the program and try to see if it stops freezing.

Word add-ins

Repair the editor with the included Office tool

If we encounter problems like the one we are describing along these lines, Microsoft itself offers us an integrated solution. With this we refer to a tool that the firm makes available to us that is responsible for repairing possible problems that we find in the suite programs. In addition, in this case the entire process is carried out in an automated way, so we will have little else to do.

In order to access this tool that we are talking about, the first thing we do is open the Configuration application of the operating system itself. For example, we can do it through the Win + I key combination, and then go to the Applications section. Here we are going to find an extensive list in which we see all the programs that we have installed on the computer over time. Therefore, now we only have to locate the entry called Microsoft 365.

repair office

We click on said entry and here we are going to find a button called Modify, which will lead us to the repair wizard of the suite and its programs. First of all, we recommend that you try the quick method, and if it does not work, with the online one.

Run the editor in safe mode

Another possible solution that we can use in this regard is to run the program in safe mode. This allows us to pull get Word up and running as if it were fresh from the factory. This way we can check if the problem is caused by a previous configuration that we have made or an element that we have additionally installed.

Starting this application in safe mode is as simple as double clicking on its icon, but keeping the CTRL key pressed at the same time.

Word safe mode

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