Never run out of RAM on your PC when editing videos

Although only a few years ago everything related to video editing was limited to a few professionals, things have changed a lot. This has been achieved largely thanks to the powerful equipment available at the moment, and the projects of software developers, which allows us to save both CPU and RAM memory of the equipment.

Just a few years ago, starting a video editing project required elements not available to everyone. We are talking about both hardware and software elements that in most cases could only be used by professionals. However, at the moment things have changed a lot in this regard, since almost any user can be in this type of work. Of course, the computers and editing programs that we can use at the moment have nothing to do with those of a few years ago.

But with everything and with it despite the advances that technology has had in recent years, we must be careful when edit videos. We say this because sometimes these tasks make a higher consumption of resources such as the RAM, which can become a problem. As we say, for this it is advisable to take some precautionary measures and thus avoid greater evils in this type of project.

Improve the use of video files to save RAM

The first thing we must take into consideration is that, despite being able to carry out video editing projects, we must take into account the files that we use. With this what we want to say is that, if we have a somewhat limited computer in terms of specifications, or it is simply old, we must be more careful. For example, we should avoid files with high resolution video content.

These are usually highly heavy files, so working with them in the chosen program will consume a lot of memory RAM, among other things. In extreme cases in which for example we find a file 4K or similar, another measure we can take is to work with them one by one. This means that we should load a single file of this type into the editing application and close it before loading the next one.

Choose the program well and use it properly

We have a high number of alternatives when choosing the most interesting to edit video. However, we will not always need to use the most powerful of the marketSee what more functions it puts at our disposal. These are usually the most resource consuming, and sometimes unnecessarily, as can be the case with the popular Adobe Premiere Pro.

We want to tell you that many times a simple program will be enough to carry out the editing tasks we need, which will save us a lot of RAM to use it in other tasks. And speaking of other tasks, we must bear in mind that video editing is one of the most demanding jobs that we can carry out on a PC. Therefore, another interesting measure that we can take is to close the rest of the running programs when we are going to start a draft of this type. This will allow the other programs to free up resources and also not have unexpected shutdown or crash problems.

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