Never send the wrong email again! Discover the Gmail trick that gives you time to regret it

We write an email, we review it, we attach the corresponding files, we make sure that everything is correct, we send it and… ERROR!, we have sent it to the wrong person, and we have messed it up very badly. Surely this has happened to us at some time, and it is very likely that we have had problems for it. Luckily, Google has the solution to prevent this from happening again when we use your Gmail mail.

For a long time, Google has allowed us to activate an option that gives us a few seconds of grace when we send an email so that we can regret it. Thanks to it, when we send a message, instead of being displayed directly in the recipient’s inbox, it remains in limbo for a few seconds while it displays a message that, with one click, allows us to retrieve it before it reaches its recipient. .

Undo email sent with Gmail

In this way, if at the last second we realize that we have not sent an attached file, we have sent the wrong recipients, or we simply regret it, we can recover the email as a draft to edit it, or delete it, as appropriate.

This option is activated by default in Gmail, and what we can do is adjust the grace time manually from its settings, that is, the seconds that must pass from when we click on the send button until we actually mail is sent. And we will explain how to do it.

Set up Gmail Undo Send

To configure this option, the first thing we must do is open the Google mail configuration options. To do this, we will click on the gear-shaped button in the upper right part of the email window, and there we must click on the “See all settings” option.

Open settings Gmail configuration

Once inside the Gmail configuration settings, the next thing we must do is select the “General” tab. In it, the fourth option is called “Undo sending”. As we already explained, the option is activated by default, and it cannot be deactivated. But, by default, it is only configured with the shortest possible time: 5 seconds. And sometimes this time is too short.

Choose time to undo sent mail

If we click on the dropdown that comes within this section we can choose between 4 different times: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. In this way we can increase this grace time if we want to have more time to repent before the mail appears in the recipient’s inbox.

Once we have chosen the time that we want to have, we simply scroll to the end of the window to save the changes in the Gmail configuration. And ready. From now on, when we send an email, we will be able to see the message that we have shown before in the lower left part of the window with the possibility of undoing the sending during the seconds that we have indicated.

In this way we will not make mistakes when sending an email. Or, if we do, we will have more time to undo our mistakes.

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