New 15″ MacBook Air, Mac Studio and Mac Pro!

Apple has just introduced new computers in its Mac line: we have a new 15″ MacBook Air, a new Mac Studio and a new model of the Mac Pro, now with the Apple Silicon processor of the highest category. in the same way that it has introduced a new step in the range of Apple Silicon processors. So in this post we let you know the most important thing, both in computers and in processors.

Apple introduces the 15-inch MacBook Air

New 15-inch MacBook Pro. The company’s new laptop has been made possible by the Appel Silicon processor. It maintains the same aesthetic of the MacBook Air, and thanks to its 11.5 millimeters thickApple says it’s the thinnest 15-inch laptop on the market. It comes in the same four colors that we have already seen on the 13″ MacBook Air.

Regarding connections, they remain the same USB Type-C ports, MagSafe connector, and headphone jack. Thanks to its size, the speaker system sounds even better, and its autonomy goes up to 18 hours of use. The cooling system is completely silent, as it uses the same “no fans” philosophy.

This new model part from 1599 euros and can be reserved from today. And it will be available next week in our homes: June 13 is the date.

Mac Studio gets a big update

The apple company’s desktop computer now mounts the Apple M2 Max processor. But it is not the last echelon of power. We welcome, therefore, the M2 Ultra, which doubles the power of the M2 Max. This new processing step improves the M2 range in all respects. Thanks to the new design, we will be able to have up to 192GB of unified memory.

Therefore, the new Mac Studio is now available in the same way in the Mac Studio. As for physical connections, the Mac Studio with M2 Ultra is capable of supporting up to six m monitors simultaneously in 8K resolution. And how much will it cost? The Mac Studio starts its price range at 2,429 euros (M2 Max) and 4,849 euros (M2 Ultra), it can already be reserved and will be available on June 13.

The Mac Pro now goes to Apple Silicon

The long-awaited update to the Mac Pro now comes with the processor Apple M2Ultra, and continues with the same philosophy of being a computer that can expand its features after its purchase. This move now allows the Mac Pro to have the same power of six Afterburner rendering cards installed natively.

We have eight USB Type-C Thunderbolt ports and up to four expansion slots to expand the technical capabilities of the computer. We also have two HDMI ports for connections. The price of this computer starts at 8,329 euros. It can be reserved now and will be available on June 13.

The power of this computer compared to the model with Intel improves significantly. And despite the architecture of the processor, we can continue using the same modular structure that we already had in the previous model. As for the aesthetic field, this computer maintains the same lines and shapes that we have already been seeing.


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