New Adidas Xbox shoes: flashy and hard to come by

It is not the first nor possibly the last time that Adidas collaborates with the Microsoft games division, but until future releases, these are the new Adidas sneakers based on the Xbox 360. Yes, a shoe for true fans who not only want to be comfortable, but also sport a very aesthetic gamer.

So are the Adidas The Xbox 360 Forum Mid

The shoe launches that are inspired by movies, comics, video games or other products typical of geek culture are no longer anything new. For years we have seen how more and more brands are joining in creating this type of proposal with the help of the company that has the exploitation rights, but it is true that lately it seems that this practice has grown and is normal .

One of the latest proposals that we have seen in this regard are the The Xbox 360 Forum Mid, nails sneakers created by Adidas and that as you can imagine only by the name they are inspired by the Microsoft console.

These new new shoes are boot-type and together with a finish where the white color is mainly predominant, you can see small details in green and silver. To be exact, the tongue, the velcro closure and some other strip are in silver gray. Then you can see the green sole and the Xbox symbol on the sides.

These items are intended to make reference to different parts of the consolesuch as the disc tray, hard drive slots, or memory drive. Brush strokes or mini easter eggs that if you are an Xbox fan, then you are sure to guess quickly. And it is that these Adidas may not be smart shoes but it does not need to.

The second Xbox shoes

The new sneakers created by Adidas and Microsoft are a way to continue that first model that they launched a short time ago to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, the Adidas Xbox 20th Forum Tech.

On an aesthetic level they are quite different, but it is difficult to say which of the two is more beautiful. The first ones may be more striking, but that predominant green color with black touches makes it stand out a lot.

The ideal would be to have both if you are sneaker fan. Of course, as a person who loves sports shoes, you may be more interested in having them as an object to collect than as a fashion product to wear on a daily basis.

Price and availability of the new Adidas and Xbox shoes

These new Xbox sneakers created by Adidas will have a $ 160 price, although we have bad news. They will only be sold in Canada and the United States. So either you have someone who can buy and send them to you or we fear that you will be left with the desire to do with some.

The only consolation is that even being in both countries where they can be sold you may also run out of them, because the number of units will be limited. Proving that they really are more of a proposal for collectors than for the general public who wants to use them like any other fashion product.

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