New, and very interesting, images of the Nothing Phone (2)

Despite his youth, Nothing has managed to become a reference in the smartphone market, and the already close Nothing Phone (2) aims to maintain the level that we have already seen in previous devices of the brand, which already has a more than considerable number of followers. It has been more than evident, since the birth of Nothing, that Carl Pei (its founder) has known how to get the most out of his learning as co-founder of OnePlus, another technology company that knew how to grow very quickly, both in numbers and in prestige.

We must remember that, even despite some problems with its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1) was a success, something to which it also contributed more than significantly that Nothing resorted to some marketing and sales techniques specially designed to generate more interest, such as only 100 units for sale on its first day on the market. Given the experience, the company has decided to bet on the annual renewal of its smartphone.

So, we expect the launch of Nothing Phone (2) for the month of July And, as always happens in these cases, as the date approaches, the rate of appearance of rumors and leaks accelerates that tell us what we can expect. A few months ago we already accumulated enough information to be able to advance a lot about the still unpublished Phone (2), and about a month ago what was intended to be the first image, a render, of the device leaked.

New, and very interesting, images of the Nothing Phone (2)

well today Two new images have been leaked, also renders of the Nothing Phone (2) that would confirm the design which was already implied in the previous one, and which add interesting information to it. If you remember that first image, the back was shown, but the space for the camera was empty. However, this time it is shown, and tells us that Nothing has opted for a two-element main camera design. And with regard to the front, we see that it is located after a perforation in the upper left part of the screen. In other words, despite some rumors pointing in another direction, the design of the Phone (1) is finally repeated.

On the other hand, the set of four renders shown in the two images reveal to us a more rounded design, with an aluminum outline which is reminiscent, in shape, of the iPhone 11. This change may be due to the fact that the growth in the size of its screen, which aims to be 6.7 inches, makes it necessary for the design of the device to be somewhat more ergonomic.

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