New Apple event: M3 Chip, iMac and new Macbook Pro

Apple event with M3 iMac Chip

Excitement among Apple fans has skyrocketed in recent days with rumors circulating, and finally, the news has become official: Apple has announced a new event for the last day of October! The presentation of the M3 chip range is expected in the new Macs and new iMac.


Rumors and more rumors…

After the previous week, which was quite turbulent in terms of rumors, where almost everyone, except Mark Gurman, was betting that Apple would present a new range of iPad, we attended the minor presentation of the new Apple Pencil with USB-C charging connector .

October 31, Halloween night

But the rumor of a new Apple event spread like wildfire, so at some point it had to happen. AND It was Apple itself that announced it, it will be on October 31 at 1:00 in Spain. Surprisingly, this event will take place at night, marking the first time in the company’s history that it opted for a date night. This unusual timing choice has left Apple fans intrigued and eager to find out what the company will reveal.

Even though 2024 is just around the corner, Apple appears to be far from calling it a year when it comes to product launches. News of the event has raised consumer expectations ahead of the Christmas season. Under the name “Scary Fast,” this event scheduled for October 30, at 5 p.m. (Pacific time) or 8 p.m. (East Coast time), promises to be memorable.

Not only is the date of this event a cause for surprise, but also is strategically timed just before Halloween, one of the most iconic holidays in the United States and, in fact, from all over the world. Apple has once again demonstrated its creativity by playing with words by choosing this name for the event, making a clear reference to the festive spirit of Halloween.

“Terrifying and fast” suggests not only a terrifying touch but also impressive speed, which could hint at exciting improvements to the Mac processors to be revealed. In Spain, that “Scary Fast” has been translated as “A Savage”, in clear reference to the fact that we will see it and it will leave us impressed by its speed and power..

What will Apple present?


As for the products that are expected to make their debut at this event, speculation points to a new iMac. The current iMac, with the revolutionary M1 chip, was introduced in April 2021 and has remained without updates since then. Although there has been talk of the possibility of a model with a larger screen, around 32 inches, it seems unlikely that it will be revealed on this occasion.

However, Apple enthusiasts are eager to learn what innovations the new generation of iMac will bring. After its redesign, it would be possible that it would be equipped with the new M3 chipgiving it enormous power, without many more modifications.

Macbook Pro with M3 chip

Besides, Apple is expected to refresh the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro line. Although no revolutionary changes are anticipated, the transition to the new processors promises a significant increase in performance and power. Here the versions of the M3 chip would make their appearance for each computer, M3 Max and M3 Ultrabeing the prominent protagonists of this event.

The uncertainty, therefore, revolves around the improvements that will be brought to the new generation of the new M3 chip and whether the iMac will once again be one of the brand’s flagships. The excitement will be to see how powerful this is compared to the previous M2 chip.

So new M3 chip range and new iMac, but…

What about iPads?

The technological world is always evolving, with manufacturers like Apple at the forefront of innovation. However, in the case of the popular iPad, the news of recent days has surprised many. According to information shared by well-known technology analyst Mark Gurman, It seems that there are no new iPads on the horizon, nor even signs of their arrival.

This marks a significant milestone, as 2023 appears to be the first year in tablet history in which we will not see a new iPad model. Apple fans, accustomed to annual updates, find themselves in the unusual situation of having to wait until March 2024 to get fresh news about the apple company’s range of tablets.

This unexpected turn in Apple’s launch strategy has generated a wide range of reactions among consumers and brand enthusiasts. Historically, Apple has maintained a steady pace of product releases, with annual updates that keep its products at the top of the industry.

iPads, in particular, have seen frequent updates, with improvements in performance, design and features. However, it appears that this pattern has been interrupted in 2023. Are the rumored folding tablets coming?

Turn of the screw

The news that there will be no new iPads all year raises some intriguing questions. What has led Apple to make this decision? Is it a sign that the company is focusing its efforts on other products or areas of development or is it that a new range of revolutionary tablets could be coming?

It is also interesting to consider how this could affect competition in the tablet market. Rival companies will have the opportunity to take advantage of this gap in Apple’s timeline and try to gain all the lost ground..

However, it’s important to remember that Apple rarely makes major decisions without a solid reason behind them. This pause in the introduction of new iPads could be related to a focus on improving other product lines, such as Macs or iPhones.

The other possibility is that Apple is working on significant innovations for iPads that require additional development and refinement time.. And this is where the rumors spread.

In any case, the decision to wait until March 2024 to see a new generation of iPads will surely keep the tech community and consumers alike on edge.


The excitement is at its peak as Apple prepares to break with tradition by holding its first nighttime eventcoinciding with Halloween Eve. Consumers are eagerly awaiting the surprises the company has in storeespecially when it comes to the next generation of Apple Silicon processors, the M3 chip, and the new iMac.

The absence of new iPads in 2023 represents a surprising change in Apple’s launch strategy. Fans of the brand and technology lovers will have to be patient until March 2024 to find out what Apple has in store for the future of its tablets.

In the meantime, the tech world will continue to speculate about the reasons behind this unusual pause in updating iPads and how this could affect the overall tablet landscape.

What do you think Apple will end up presenting? Leave us your comments.

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