New Apple Movie and Other Releases This Week

Today’s premieres on Apple TV +

The great premiere that has taken place today on the platform is that of the film Come From Away: Welcome to Gander. This is actually a film from the homonymous musical that tells the story of the travelers who, after the events of September 11, 2001, were trapped at Gander airport. A story based on real events that, beyond staying in the tragedy, delves into themes such as love, friendship or hope.

But today they have also been released new episodes of series that you were surely waiting for, since it represents an advance in the respective seasons of these:

  • Mr. Corman: Chapter 7 of its 1st season is now available.
  • See: now available chapter 3 of its 2nd season (11th in the series).
  • Ted Lasso: Chapter 8 of its 2nd season (18th in the series) is now available.
  • Truth Be Told: now available chapter 4 of its 2nd season (12th of the series).

The Morning Show is back next week

Next Friday you cannot miss the Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon series comeback. Apple’s star series premieres its second season following the thread of the first season, but with a small jump in time that does not prevent there from being unresolved plots and new conflicts that will undoubtedly continue to keep us hooked.

If we continue with premieres this month, the September 24 Foundation arrives, the long-awaited series that is based on the science fiction novels of Isaac Asimov. In La Manzana Mordida we have already seen a preview and we assure you that the level of this production is brutal, so it aims very high and is expected to be one of the series of the year and not so much on the platform but on a general level.

If we keep seeing the list of premieres already confirmed, which do not prevent others from being announced, we find these:

  • The Velvet Undergound: documentary film that will arrive on October 15.
  • Invasion: new series that will premiere on October 22.
  • Dickinson: The third and final season of the series will premiere on November 5.
  • Finch: Tom Hanks’ new movie will also arrive on November 5.
  • The Shrink Next Door: new series that will premiere on November 12.

One More Thing from Apple TV +

Maybe you already knew, but if not, you should know that every Friday we issue a episode of our daily podcast dedicated to Apple TV +. While from Monday to Thursday we review the news of the Apple world in terms of rumors, launches and other relevant topics, it is those last days of the working week that we take the opportunity to talk about the platform. If you don’t want to miss any, you can listen to it on all podcast platforms. Here is a link to listen to the one we have published today.

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