New Apple Watch with a flat screen? Some analysts believe so

Rumored Apple Watch Series 8

The rumors are beginning to be more direct and above all we see that their volume has increased, as we approach the middle of the year. Approaching June, with WWDC just around the corner, we are already starting to see more risky bets on possible new device releases. One of the analysts who takes the most risks when it comes to indicating new rumors, shapes, sizes or designs in Jon Prosser. Just as Kuo is one of the most infallible, Jon is one of the most outspoken. We’ll see if he’s right as for what it claims about the Apple Watch Series 8.

We know that the analyst Jon Prosser has a YouTube channel and on that channel he has uploaded a video highlighting the information provided by ShrimpApplePro. It is suggested that the Apple Watch Series 8 could feature a flat screen. Something that also seems to have been thought for the Apple Watch Series 7. ShrimpApplePro is another analyst who has already talked about the possible design of, for example, the iPhone 14. There are not many past references to it, but you have to take into account all the news that comes out. But when we are already so close and when another Analyst gives him his support.

Here we have Prosser’s video and ShrimpApplePro’s message posted on Twitter. It warns of the possibility that we will see a new redesigned Apple Watch model. With flat screen. Of course, he warns that he does not know anything yet about the design of the rest of the watch and that we do not pay too much attention to the image that accompanies the message because it is not real. It is appreciated this sincerity that some lack.

We will have to wait and see how these rumors evolve over time. We will see, and not for long, if they are true or they are just smoke that dissipates with the passing of days and with other rumors that come out.

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