New computer with Windows? The 10 best free programs that you can install

Both inside and outside the Microsoft Store we can find a large number of free applications, applications that do not always fulfill what they promise, so trying one after another is only useful for putting the integrity of our team at risk. from to fill it with garbage which, over time, affects its performance.

If we have just opened a new computer as if we have installed Windows from scratch, if we want the equipment to work like the first day, we should not install any application that goes through our PC. The first thing that we must take into account is the utility that we are going to give it. It is useless to install a free photo editor if we do not plan to give it any use in the future. The same goes for any other app.

  • VLC. If we don’t want to have any problem playing any video or audio format, this application is the first one we should install on our computer, an open source application that is completely free.
  • GIMP. If we think about editing photos, the first application that comes to mind is Photoshop, an application for which it is necessary to pay a subscription. The most valid and complete alternative of all is GIMP, also called free Photoshop.

raspberry gimp

  • LibreOffice. Writing text documents, spreadsheets or presentations is a very quick and easy process with LibreOffice, a free set of applications that is presented as the best alternative to Word, Excel and others that we can currently find on the market.
  • WinRAR. Windows offers native support for files in .zip format, but that’s the end of it. If we have to deal with files in other formats, the most complete and easy-to-use free application is WinRAR.
  • Rambox. Rambox is the best free application that we can use to manage Telegram chats, WhatsApp, Gmail emails, Instagram and much more from a single place.


  • PowerToys. It is a set of Microsoft applications that, for a reason that nobody knows, has not just been implemented natively in Windows. With this application we can recognize text from an image, measure objects in pixels, rename files in bulk, resize photos in batches and much more.
  • DarkTable. If we like photography and we are looking for an application very similar to Lightroom, Darktable is the application we are looking for, an application that allows us to read files in RAW format and edit them thanks to the large number of options that it offers us and that little has to be sent to the Adobe solution.
  • QuickLook. Accessing a quick view of a file just by pressing the space bar is possible thanks to this small application available for free in the Microsoft Store.
  • File Converter. Converting between image, audio and video formats can be a more or less simple task depending on the application we use, with File Converter being one of the most useful as it integrates into the contextual menu of the mouse and allowing us to convert files to other formats in seconds.

File Converter choose conversion format

  • Caliber. Reading and organizing our electronic books is a very simple process with the open source application Caliber, an application that also allows us to create electronic books based on Word documents or in PDF format.

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