New Covid-19 Variant Detected With “Horrible” Mutations; would be worse than “Delta”

A group of researchers from Britain reported the appearance of a new variant coronavirus Covid-19 that allegedly arose in the country of Botswana and it would be the most “different” detected so far, reported the Daily Mail.

The publication made details that ten positive cases have been detected by the new version of Covid-19, which would be identified as the “Nu” variant.

New variant advances in the world

Until this Wednesday, November 24, the new variant of the coronavirus Covid-19 It has been detected in at least three countries, which suggests that it is beginning to spread in various parts of the world.

Research details that “Nu” has undergone 32 mutations since its appearance, so it is very likely that its transmission levels are quite high. In addition, it would be resistant to the vaccines that have been developed.

Francois Balloux, a researcher at University College London, pointed out that the new variant possibly originated in a patient possibly infected with AIDS, but that unfortunately had not been diagnosed.

On the other hand, the doctor, Tom Peacock, specialist of the Imperial College, pointed out that the variant is “horrible” due to the level of spread that it reached.

In addition, the researcher warned that the variant B.1.1.529, scientific name, could be considered “worse than anything else”, surpassing the Delta variant that currently spreads throughout the world.

New variant does not represent a risk yet

The researchers told the Daily Mail that at the moment there is no need to “worry too much” as it is not spreading quickly. There are currently positive cases in Botswana, South Africa and China.


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