New customizable gift cards and Christmas greetings appear on Apple’s website

On the company’s website we have just seen an important change in its design with the arrival of Christmas. In this case, the Apple online store takes center stage in the products and is that this year’s holiday shopping can go a long way due to a shortage of products. In this sense, Apple even adds a kind of calendar so that purchases arrive on time.

Well, in addition to this, the website offers the option of making a purchase of Christmas-themed gift cards for different prices ranging from 25, 50 or 100 dollars and on the American website they are shown in red tones with the Apple logo in gift form. Also this year you can create your own Christmas greetings in an exclusive section of Today to Apple at the bottom of the website dedicated to Christmas gifts.

Create your Christmas greetings with keynote

On the other hand, this year we also find on the Apple website the option that allows us to create our personalized Christmas greetings, the typical postcards but in online format and with really varied and fun designs to send our own.

These Christmas greetings are created with the keynote app and we have to download the file that appears on the web for it. Once downloaded, it is as simple as opening it and starting our creation to send as a Christmas greeting. The template that we use as a greeting card works on macOS, iPadOS and iOS, so it does not matter from the Apple device that we are using. At the time of receiving it the same.

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