New Dell Latitude 5000 Laptops: Sustainability

the american company has reinforced its commitment to the planet with the new Dell Latitude 5000, a series of next generation notebooks that are based on Dell’s Concept Luna, a very ambitious concept that is chasing revolutionary design ideas to reduce resource use and to use more circular materials in the economy. This reflects Dell’s commitment to its sustainability goals, and responds to the changing mindset of many customers, who are increasingly prioritizing caring for the environment when making purchasing decisions.

This means that the new Dell Latitude 5000 are manufactured with a greater amount of recycled materials, and which in turn are recyclable:

  • The laptop lid contains 71% recyclable and renewable materials, including recycled tree bioplastic from the paper manufacturing industry (21%), recycled carbon fiber (20%) and post-consumer recycled plastic (30%) . By focusing on the second heaviest element of the device, the lid, Dell contributes to sustainability by helping to reduce carbon footprint and water and energy consumption.
  • The base of the system is made from reclaimed carbon fiber (20%) and new bio-based rubber support bases (feet) made from castor oil (39%). This renewable material reduces dependence on materials made from petroleum.
  • This range also marks a significant milestone in Dell’s current use of ocean plastics, expanding its use beyond packaging in products. The Latitude 5000 range features ocean plastics in the fan housing (28%).
  • The packaging for the Latitude 5000 range is made from 100% recycled or renewable materials, which are also 100% recyclable.

On the other hand, Dell has also achieved significant progress in the packaging of its equipment, and it is not limited to the new Dell Latitude 5000. In this sense, the presentation of its first packaging made with 100% recycled materials which are also fully recyclable, which means that they fully fit into the concept of circular economy. These new packaging include:

  • Paper alternatives to items traditionally packed in plastic bags like power cords and paper documentation.
  • Recycled corrugated shipping box with an inner tray made from a sustainably sourced bamboo fiber and sugar cane based pulp.
  • Paper tape to reduce potential contamination that occurs when using plastic tape.

Dell has confirmed that these new packaging is being implemented on all new laptops in the Latitude, Precision range and XPS devicesincluding of course the new Dell Latitude 5000.

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