New details about the Apple Car: limited autonomous driving and “adjusted” price

The Apple Car is one of the most important and ambitious projects of the company with the bitten apple, although it is impossible to deny that it is also one of the most complicated. The Cupertino firm has been immersed in its development for a few years now, and the leaks that we have been seeing have made it clear that the problems it has had to face have significantly delayed its launch, and that it is still a few years away.

According to new information published by Bloomberg, the company led by Tim Cook would have been forced to reduce its ambitions with this project, and its availability will not be a reality until 2026, and in the best of cases, which means that there could be delays that end up further delaying its final release date.

Regarding its benefits, the Apple Car was initially conceived as a fully autonomous car, that is, as a model capable of offering grade 4 autonomous driving, which meant that it would not have a driving position and would be totally independent. . Now, this new information ensures that this will not be possible, and that the car will remain in a grade 3 autonomous drivingwhich means that it will have a driving position, steering wheel and pedals.

This represents a very important change, and fits with the information that we had seen on previous occasions that said that the path towards autonomous driving of grades 4 and 5 could be almost impossiblebecause in the end the AI’s ability to react to the various complications that may arise while driving could not reach the level of a human beingand would need a partial supervision in order to function in a completely safe way.

The source of the news also ensures that the price of the Apple Car will be lower than expected, although this does not mean that it will be cheap, since in theory it will drop from 120,000 to 100,000 dollars, a figure that when converted to euros and apply 21% VAT would become about 115,000 euros, approximately, a price that would place it directly within the high range and that would leave it within the reach of few pockets. Apple may decide to launch cheaper models in the future, but for now it will bet only on the high-end.

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