New details of AMD socket AM5, better than Intel LGA1700?

After years with the AM4 socket for AMD desktop CPUs we are going to see a change because it is necessary to support new technologies such as DDR5 and PCI Express 5.0. In that, AMD’s socket AM5 and Intel’s LGA1700 look a lot alike. However, they differ on a number of points, especially when it comes to processor cooling.

One of the novelties of AMD for its Ryzen 7000 will be the new AM5 socket, which like those of Intel is of the LGA type and has 1718 contact pins. So at first glance it may seem very similar to Intel’s for its twelfth and thirteenth generation CPUs. However, there are some small differences between the two desktop processor sockets.

AMD AM5 vs Intel LGA1700

Scored AMD AM5 socket

AMD’s AM5 socket diagram has been leaked and at first glance we can see a design very similar to Intel’s LGA1700. In both the CPU is pressed centrally with two lugs towards the LGA socket, while another lug hooks onto the rigid frame so that you can then apply pressure to the two center lugs with the lever.

But how are both sockets different? It is important to note that the shape of the processor that is mounted on them is important. While Intel has opted for a rectangular design for its Intel Core 12 in the case of AMD they will continue with the square design. The objective is none other than the same heat sinks that are sold for processors designed for the AM4 socket can be used in AM5, so the latter is adapted to be able to install cooling systems for the processor other than Intel’s.

So the AM5 socket will use a very similar backplate to the AM4 on each and every motherboard, where the outer threaded sleeves will again accommodate the front mount of the CPU cooler. However, four additional threaded sleeves have been added, which are screwed to the socket (SAM) and which offer a much stronger hold for the cooling system we use, be it liquid or air. It is appreciated that AMD has decided to design the new socket that is compatible with the huge variety of heatsinks and AIO systems on the market for current Zen processors.

The socket gives us clues about the organization of the processor

Scored AMD AM5 socket

Especially with regard to their cooling systems, since the heat sinks are of whatever type they have to be designed taking into account their hot spots and that they are kept as cool as possible during operation. And it is that oddly enough, when designing a new CPU not only think about how the socket will be connected, but also design the parts that will ensure that it does not overheat excessively.

For the designers of motherboards and heatsinks for the Intel Core 12 the road has not been easy, since we find ourselves with incompatibilities, AMD, on the other hand, has wanted to heal itself from this problem by allowing to take advantage of the heatsinks available in the market and It also helps us to know how the TDP of their Ryzen 7000 will not differ from that of current models.

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