New firmware for the Apple AirTag now available

In June Apple released an update for AirTags. It was an attempt to lessen the criticism that the company was receiving for the fact that some users were using the devices for inappropriate purposes. That update came to put a bit of order. Now, at the end of August, a new update has been released again but we don’t know the content, yet.

Apple AirTags are like AirPods. The updates are not like on the other devices. Apple launches them and once the AirTag is synced with the Apple device it updates automatically. We know of their existence because the build number is different. In this case we are talking about the version 1.0.291.

Apple has not released the content of the update with this version number so at the moment we cannot determine if the content is just a matter of improvements and bug fixes or if it has introduced something new as it did in June. Apple is working on an Android app that will allow users to detect a nearby AirTag or Find My accessory. While the update could be for that app, Apple hasn’t announced when the app will launch, nor has it appeared on Google Play.

We can check the firmware version through the Find My app. We simply tap on the “Elements” tab, select an AirTag. Then we tap on the battery icon below the device name to view the firmware version. If it matches the one we have mentioned, it is already updated and if not, it will only be a matter of time, because as we have said, it is updated automatically.

We will remain attentive in case Apple decides to communicate what this new update consists of or if a user discovers something new.

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