New games added to the PlayStation Now catalog

Sony wanted to take advantage of the fact that this month Microsoft is quite weak with its additions to Game Pass. The fact that Jurassic World Evolution is the most striking title already says it all, although there is also some other notable one like Wolfenstein Youngblood.

Taking advantage of the situation, PlayStation Now has opted for a inclusion of six games , many of them of high quality. The total figure already exceeds seven hundred, being accessed through the virtual cloud.

Detroit: Become Human

We start with the main course, especially for lovers of science fiction and dystopian future. Detroit: Become Human was launched with quite good ratings by the specialized press, although it was the criticism of the gamers themselves that has raised this title as a masterpiece .

From now on it can be enjoyed on PS Now, enjoying its narrative that feels like a before and after in the genre. The storyline focuses on various stories about androids , whose appearance is identical to that of humans.

Some people treat such ‘robots ‘as it should be: with respect. However, the same is not the case in all cases. In fact, it is common to see altercations in the streets.

In Detroit: Become Human you will put yourself in the shoes of several characters, living situations that will make you think in a way very similar to how does the Black Mirror series. That is, you will realize what could happen if technological evolution crosses limits that it should never cross.

The main story can finish in twelve hours . If you are a completist, as with the Quantic Dream games, you will have twice the duration ahead of you.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Those who prefer action in its purest form have a good addition to the PlayStation Now catalog . Although if before we have ‘stoked’ Microsoft for its bad inclusions this month, it is time to give Sony a reprimand.

And it is that COD: Black Ops 3 will only be able to be enjoyed until soon of one month. Indeed, on April 29 will disappear from the list of games in the virtual cloud, a completely incomprehensible decision.

Even so, there will be Enough time to pass the story mode which lasts nine hours . Online there are still many gamers day after day, so you will not have difficulties to find games in record time and enjoy a high competitive level.

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

The first Hotline Miami was a masterpiece at the time and remains so to this day. Dennaton chose not to introduce practically any new gameplay in its second installment, known as Wrong Number.

So, it follows the same line as his predecessor, posing frantic confrontations with an immense variety of weapons. Although it is not so good, it is still an excellent example of what indie video games should always be.

It is worth noting the fact that, despite being a title designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse, is played perfectly on PlayStation thanks to the Now service.

The deaths are extremely violent , although with pixel-art graphics the dismemberment and other scenes not suitable for all audiences are not appreciated in excess.

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WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Although it is true that in basketball 2K Games always tends to get notations from the specialized press, the opposite happens with the wrestling franchise. They tend to launch titles full of bugs and with many difficulties to play online in a decent way. Luckily, WWE 2K Battlegrounds does not seem to have so many setbacks.

Even so, it is a very improvable video game that does the job: entertain a who are fans of wrestling. In this case, stars like David Batista are not faithfully recreated, but rather show a rather cartoonish style.

As is necessary, the list of movements is immense, being able to finish off the enemies in multiple ways. Also, the combo system is quite pleasant when you chain multiple attacks, severely damaging your opponent.

Little Nightmares

Solve puzzles to overcome childhood fears: this is the premise of Little Nightmares, a title that has recently become quite popular. Certain platforms have given it free, while others have chosen to lower its price as much as possible.

As far as Sony is concerned, the decision is to incorporate it into the PlayStation Now catalog, creating thus expectation for the imminent launch of the second installment . Will it outperform the first? Very difficult, as it has a great quality.

Darksiders Genesis

Finish the list of new games with something that involved a risky strategy: say goodbye to the original game mechanics Darksiders franchise to welcome a hack-and-slash style. The movement was fruitful in every way.

The very essence of the saga is still very present, although in this title everything is more frantic , especially the confrontations that do not stop. The mounts are useful to move around the varied scenarios that look really good, with a striking play of light and shadow.

With an average duration of 15 hours , this is a highly recommended game for those who like straightforward action. On the other hand, the story is told with a high-quality artistic style of drawing, which is added to a Spanish dubbing that lives up to the claims of Darksiders Genesis.

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