New heat wave in Spain, use your air conditioning like this to save money

The objective is to be able to cool your home, but avoid that this implies a very large increase in the electricity bill. And yes, you can always keep in mind certain recommendations to ensure that consumption is not excessive and to better control spending. Only with some adjustments, you will see that you spend less.

Use the air correctly

It is on specific days, such as this heat wave, when we use the air conditioning the longest. You may also have it on at night, to be able to sleep, since in some areas of Spain we are going to have torrid nights above 25 degrees. In that case you will also be able to save.

Adjust the temperature well

The most important thing is to correctly adjust the temperature. Keep in mind that each degree of difference can make you spend or save over 7%. Therefore, setting the ideal temperature is important to save electricity when using the air conditioning during this heat wave and not spend more than necessary.

What is the correct temperature? During the day, the best way to save is to put it at 24-26 degrees. It will depend on the level of comfort you have. If you can at 26, better than at 24. However, avoid putting it at a lower temperature, since you really don’t need it and that will make it consume a lot. At night, you can even go up a grade.

Avoid turning it on and off a lot

A common mistake, with the intention of saving electricity, is turn off and on a lot the air. It is a mistake, since with that you are going to consume more electricity. The best thing is that you keep it on and only turn it off when you are really going to be away for a while or you are not going to turn it back on.

The air conditioning, when more electricity consumes is when reaching a temperature. If you lose that temperature constantly, you’ll have to run at higher power again to get it back.

Be careful when ventilating the house

In these hottest days, it is important that ventilate the house correctly. You must prevent hot air from entering from outside, so you should not ventilate it during the hours of the day when it is hotter. Take advantage of it in the morning, first thing in the morning, which is when the temperature will be more pleasant.

It is also key that you use thermal insulation well. If you can, completely close windows and doors to prevent outside air from entering. This will make the interior temperature stay better and the air conditioner has to work at a lower power, so it will use less energy.

Avoid mistakes when ventilating the house

Use night mode

Many air conditioners have a night mode. This regulates the power, so that it works quietly and also uses less energy. You can use it if you are going to put the air on while you sleep, as it will help you save. Simply by pressing that button, you can already get him to spend less.

If you do not have a night mode, what you can do is increase the temperature a little during the night. If you have the air at 24 degrees during the day, for example, set it to 25 at night. That will help you spend less electricity and you will also get an adequate level of comfort for sleeping.

In short, with these tips you can save light when using air conditioning during this heat wave. If you have it automated, make sure you see the devices connected to Wi-Fi and that the air is on, in order to control it correctly.

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