New hints about Windows 12 at Ignite 2022

Technology does not stop advancing and, as always, promises not to let us rest for a single day. Windows 11 is a practically new update, howeverMicrosoft is already working to offer its users the best in its products and deliver a new operating system that surpasses the current one in all aspects.

At Microsoft’s annual development and innovation conference, held in Ignite 2022 This past Friday, the technological titan has unveiled a Windows interface. I know believes that it is nothing more and nothing less than Windows 12.

The public present was able to discover a desktop totally different from what was known until now, with a floating taskbar and system icons located in the upper right corner. When searching for screenshots, they show a floating search in the top center, while the weather appears in the top left corner.

New design of Windows 12 different from 11

It is notable that the design is similar to that of Windows 11, since it preserves Microsoft’s static taskbar, where the system icons can also remain hidden. And it keeps the preeminent part of the screen completely empty. However, the public of Keynote noticed the news and the debate moved to social networks where they asked if the interface was about Windows 12 expected to launch in 2024.

Microsoft is not clear about its goals with Windows 12, however, it may be related to the design shown. Zac Bowden, senior editor at Windows Central, notes that the interface is “representative of the design goals Microsoft hopes to achieve with Windows 12.”

Design shown at Ignite 2022

It would seem logical to accept that the interface revealed in Ignite is a sample of Windows 12, even if the final operating system turns out to be something else. It is here when the doubts arise if they were the intentions of Microsoft from the beginning. Several “leaks” of whatever product is released have turned out to be intentional, as was the clear case of the recently leaked Xbox streaming device..

This may be what happened with Windows 12. Ignite has been around in some capacity since the 1990s, reaching millions of views around the world in recent years. It is unlikely that the professionals who make the Ignite materials could have been careless and accidentally exposed a top-secret operating system.

Whether or not it was an intentional leak, it has given an idea of ​​​​what Microsoft could become in the coming years.. According to Bowden’s sources, the company is waiting to develop a new operating system to strike a balance between the mouse and keyboard experience with the new features of the keyboard.

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