New HomePod beta fixes existing problems and adds Lossless

HomePod mini

Apple has released beta 3 for the original HomePod mini and HomePod, and it appears that the update provides support for lossless streaming on Apple Music. It is also known that this new software is coming to solve problems existing in previous versions. In this way, it is achieved, as they say, to kill two birds with one stone. Good news for the owners and users of these Apple smart speakers.

When Apple introduced Lossless quality in Apple Music for all other devices, the company said it would support this quality in a future HomePod update. With the beta 1 version of the HomePod 15 software, the company introduced the Lossless option in the Home app, but it didn’t work. With beta 2, Apple removed this option completely, but with the release of version 3, it has now brought it back. Both the original HomePod and the mini model now support Lossless audio quality.

Now when you play a song that supports lossless audio, the small icon Ā«LosslessĀ» will appear on the Apple Music player. There is already a way to play lossless songs via AirPlay on the HomePod, but it’s a bit of a hassle.

In addition, this new update has come to solve some problems existing in previous versions. TOSome smart speakers were overheating with and that stable version 14.6 is blocking their products. Apple may have fixed some bugs related to these latest reports. It’s worth noting that the beta version of the HomePod software is only available through the AppleSeed program, which is exclusive to users invited by Apple. There is no official way to install beta software on HomePod through the Apple Beta Software Program or Apple Developer.

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