New Huawei Watch Fit watch with this offer at only 69 euros

Popular brand watches, such as Huawei, tend to have high prices: the “name” must also be paid for. Therefore, when we find a offer as good as this Watch Fit, we can not do anything other than notify you so that you can take advantage of it. A perfect way to get a high-end equipment at a much more affordable price. Take advantage of.

Half price on Amazon

Huawei’s smartwatch has dropped in price again to one of its most attractive figures. And it is that of the 129 euros it costs, right now you can get it for only 69 euros, thus assuming a price drop of no less than 47% in its black version.

If you want to take this smartwatch at practically half the price, what you have to do is click – or touch – on the link that you have below and put it in your shopping cart as soon as possible.

The clock is Sold and Fulfilled by Amazon, so that you have the guarantees of a fast video – even more so if you are from Amazon Prime – and the convenience of being able to return it without problems and very easily if it does not convince you. Keep that in mind.

Watch Fit, Huawei’s most particular watch

Without a doubt, the Watch Fit is one of the most particular products that Huawei has ever launched. Unlike the rest of its watches, with a round case, this model bets on design rectangular (not square), offering an elongated and wider screen than expected.

The panel has a size of 1.64 inchIt is tactile (although it also has a physical button on the side), and its OLED-type technology. Through it you can manage all its features and functions, accessing no less than 96 training modes (no more, no less). Among them, the team includes 12 types of animated style such as Workout, Full Body Stretch or Crunches, including 44 video demonstrations of movement that you can see on your own wrist.

Huawei Watch Fit

Its spheres are customizable, so you can choose the one you like the most whenever you want, and don’t forget to include a module GPS. As for the battery, enjoy an autonomy of up to 10 days, they come with a heart rate meter and also with a calculator of your oxygen saturation.

An original, attractive and very activity-focused watch that you can now buy for less than 70 euros. Do not think about it.

Features Huawei Watch Fit

  • 1.64 ″ AMOLED touch screen
  • 96 training modes
  • Exercise Videos
  • GPS included
  • Heart rate and oxygen saturation meter
  • 10 days of autonomy

The link to the offer of this sound bar is part of our agreement with the Amazon Affiliate Program, being able to report us a small commission with its sale (without influencing the price you pay). Even so, the decision to publish it has been taken freely, at the discretion of El Output, without attending to requests from the brands involved.

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