New Jabra Headphones Give The Power Of Super Hearing

Wireless headphones for better hearing

The Jabra Enhance Plus They are the new Jabra proposal within its True Wireless type headphones catalog. Of course, this time there are some details that are worth knowing, because they are not just headphones. Or that is, at least, the idea that the brand pursues with them.

These wireless headphones have been created with the intention of help people who have hearing problems. That is, to serve as an intermediate system between the outside and the user himself in case of having difficulty hearing everything that surrounds him.

It does this by making use of a function that the company began testing a year ago on other headphones in its catalog. Thus, together with different noise cancellation algorithms, everything that surrounds the user himself can be analyzed to intensify or isolate everything that could prevent him from hearing well or better what is really important to him.

In addition, the headphones themselves are not only an option to hear better, they can also be used to listen to music with all the same advantages as other options on the market. Although surely with an important advantage for many: a very compact size.

The Jabra Enhance Plus are smaller than the Jabra Elite 75T, which was already small. So the comfort that is also gained to be able to wear them for many hours is important. And although with the case you can go up to 30 hours, in themselves they only offer a few 10 hours of autonomy on a single charge. Something that is not bad at all.

Otherwise, these headphones also offer protection IP52 against the common hazards that both dust and water could pose. Interesting right?

Jabra Enhance Plus, price and availability

Available in gray and beige, the only data that missing is the price end of the product. Because it is also known that it will initially be sold in the United States at the end of the year, with no release date in other territories for now.

Use headphones as headphones

Using True Wireless-type headphones as a hearing aid to enhance the user’s hearing is not new. Brands like Apple with their AirPods have also been offering this option for some time. You can even leave one in another room and while it is in range of the device it can be used as if it were a spy microphone.

Of course, this is not exclusive to Apple and Jabra, other brands such as Bose have already announced the same and if you search the market you will find more models. So if you want improve your hearing in case of problems you should take a look. But do not confuse with the transparency mode of many terminals that what it does is allow better sound to enter almost if you make use of a model that already has active noise cancellation.

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