New lawsuit against Elon Musk on Twitter

This fall is set to be pretty gray for Elon Musk, and not only because of the gray and ocher tones typical of said station, but also because of the judicial journey that he will have to face as a result of his erratic attitude regarding the purchase of Twitter. And it is that, although at the time he perhaps thought it would be easier for him, as the weeks go by since his withdrawal from the purchase of the social network, new parties appear that consider themselves affected by it and that intend to resort to the courts.

The main judicial confrontation is in which the faces of Twitter and Elon Musk will be seen, a process in which Twitter seems to have an advantage at the moment, with a trial that will be held next October (Musk intended that it not take place until next year) and that will last five days, compared to ten that Musk’s lawyers had requested. Thus, the conditions previously defined by Judge Kathaleen McCormick clearly favor Twitter’s aspirations.

This is, as I have previously indicated, the main trial, the most mediatic (at least for now), but it seems that it will not be the only one. And it is that, as we can read in Engadget, an investor would be putting together a class action suit for investors with Twitter titles that have been affected by the retreat of Elon Musk. Luigi Crispo, the person responsible for the lawsuit, accuses Musk of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty to Twitter shareholders.

On the demand argues that the reasons given by Musk are quite weak, in a strategy that will undoubtedly coincide with the one used by Twitter in October. And, like the board of directors of the social network, the investor and all the people who decide to join this class action claim that the operation comes to an end and, therefore, collect the $54.20 per share committed by Elon Musk in the purchase offer signed by both parties last April.

Now Musk, together with his legal team and we also assume that a good number of technicians, faces the challenge of being able to prove, in little more than two months, that his accusations about the high volume of Twitter bots, much higher according to has affirmed to the one recognized by the social network, they are true or, at least, that Twitter has not collaborated as much as it would be necessary to be able to carry out these inquiries. And it seems complicated, although until October we will not know if he has succeeded or not.

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