New Lenovo Thinkpad X and L, specifications and keys

The Chinese giant has confirmed that its new Lenovo Thinkpad X and L series of laptops They will hit the market this spring, and we already know some of their most important keys, both in terms of hardware and price. In total, Lenovo will launch four new computers: Lenovo Thinkpad X13, ThinkPad L13, ThinkPad L14 and ThinkPad L15. All of them will be available in different configurations.

At the top is the Lenovo Thinkpad X13, a computer that will be available in both a portable and a convertible version, and that will come equipped with 13-inch screen and WQXGA resolution. This team will bet on mobility and autonomy, although without giving up power, thanks to its configuration with the latest generation Intel Alder Lake processors. We can also configure it with Ryzen 6000 series APUs if we opt for the portable version. Its price will be 1,369 dollars in the convertible version, and 1,179 dollars in the portable version.

The Lenovo Thinkpad L13s will also be available in two variants, convertible and portable, and will be configurable with Intel and AMD chips, just like the ThinkPad L14 and ThinkPad L15. All these new Lenovo Thinkpad series computers will be equipped with fingerprint readers (can be configured with an infrared camera), support Dolby Voice, offer optional 4G LTE, have Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, a next generation standard, and come with a larger touch pad to enhance the user experience.

All Lenovo Thinkpads come with Windows 11 as the operating system, and will be available from May. The cheapest model will be the Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Gen 3, which will have a starting price of $799. Unfortunately, we still do not know the official prices in euros, but it will not take long to find out, since, as we have said, its launch is getting closer.

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