New Logitech Litra Glow light, the perfect companion for content creators

Logitech Litra Glow

Today there are many lighting options for our direct streaming or when creating content of some kind in front of a Mac. In this sense, the firm Logitech has just released its Litra Glow light. It is a really interesting accessory for lighting any setup to create content.

Now the firm Logitech already has in its possession a light created specifically for those users who perform direct on YouTube, create content of any kind in streaming, etc. This new Litra Glow is a perfect companion to the Logitech StreamCamthe camera that we already saw the complete review a while ago in I’m from Mac and that we continue to use today to make our #todoApple podcast.

It is possible that many of you already have some type of light similar to this one, but the compact size offered by the new Logitech Litra Glow, added to its excellent light specifications, make it, together with its affordable price, an excellent product. Here if we can add that of the three B that is usually said colloquially: “Good, nice and cheap”. In any case, the options that we find available in the market compared to this light are somewhat more expensive in price, that taking into account the excellent features offered by this Litra Glow.

Design and dimensions of this new Logitech Litra Glow

When we focus on the design of light we can say that it is a product with some plastic finishes but not for that of poor quality. Logitech often uses these types of plastic materials for many of their products and they really are excellent when it comes to durability and quality.

We found that the light has a tab at the top that adjusts to be fully supported on top of our Mac and hold it perfectly. The design is really careful to detailit shows that it is a Logitech product because of how simple it is to use and because of how well it is manufactured.

The light It is not that it is excessively large in terms of size, which does not mean that it offers excellent light quality.fully configured speak for the user both through software and with the buttons found on the back of the light itself.

The design is really careful, it is square and has variable dimensions as required by the user. This is thanks to the modularity offered by the lower part of the light, that extends or shrinks according to height needs and can even be separated from the light itself. These are their measurements:

With monitor mount, full extension

  • Height: 365.9mm
  • Width: 90.5mm
  • Depth: 43.5mm
  • Weight: 177g

Without monitor mount

  • Height: 90.5mm
  • Width: 90.5mm
  • Depth: 27.5mm
  • Weight: 99g

cable length

  • 1.5m USB-C to USB-A cable

Designed for streaming, Litra Glow is the most effective way to provide optimal lighting to any desktop or laptop. Featuring Logitech TrueSoft technology and an innovative edgeless diffuser, Litra Glow envelops your subject in subtle, flattering light, creating a professional look in any setting. Whether for YouTube videos, streaming on Twitch or simply for telecommuting, Litra Glow always favors you.

Quality of light offered by this new Logitech light

To look your best in front of the camera, the naturalness of our skin tones is essential. At Logitech they have a system called TrueSoft that has been created specifically to illuminate your face with total precision, so that your content faithfully represents you. With an optimal Color Rendering Index (CRI), TrueSoft produces perfect cinema-quality light on camera.

Color temperature range is between 2700K – 6500K (Kelvin) maximum output is 250 lumens optimized for streaming on desk. It also has a color rendering index: 93 CRI (diffuser is exclusive without a frame, so it appears completely white on the front.

We can say that the light settings offered by this Logitech are excellent so we are not going to have problems when configuring the light in one tone or another depending on the time of day, external light and other factors that affect this aspect that is so complicated to manage in streaming or creator videos.

Like sound, light is another aspect to take into account when creating content of any kind. With this new Litra Glow, the light aspect for most of us will be totally solved.

How do you connect and use this new light

The operation of the new Logitech light is really simple and any user can use it. In this case on the back we find a USB C port which is fully compatible with most current devices. The light itself, as we mentioned before, adds a 1.5m long USB C to USB A cable so we can connect it anywhere. The light does not add the wall connector, but we can use any of the mobile device pro or the USB port of our Mac.

Once we have the light connected, we have to press the central power button on the back or use the software directly from our computer. At first we recommend use the light directly through buttons that are added on the back of this, it is easier and faster. On the sides we find the brightness and intensity of the light along with another side button that modifies the tone of the light itself, but more yellow white as we are interested. Adjusting the brightness and intensity along with the lumens of the signature LED light itself is a breeze.

Price and availability of the Litra Glow

Currently the new Logitech Litra Glow is not available for immediate sale, a reservation is required to access it since its low price and quality of features have made it a highly sought after light by creators. In this case the cost of the new Logitech Litra Glow is 69 euros.

Editor’s opinion

Logitech Litra Glow
  • Publisher Rating
  • Score 5 stars



  • Design and ease of use
  • Light quality for creators
  • excellent price performance


  • The mount is secure but a bit large for the thinness of some Macs

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