New macOS 12.2 in beta, already with Universal Control?

Last Monday, macOS 12.1 was released for all those Macs that were already compatible with the first ones from Monterey. However, Apple’s machinery does not stop and yesterday the macOS 12.2 first beta, which is no longer expected until next year. And it brings news, although perhaps not all that we would like …

It should be noted that a macOS 11.6.3 beta for those computers that are not compatible with the new versions of Monterey, but that are compatible with those of Big Sur. In this case, no news has been found, although it is understood that it incorporates some performance improvement.

The news that this beta brings to Macs

The macOS 12.2, at least from what is known at the time of publishing this post, brings few news. Although it is true that it is usual to find a wide list with the big updates from September-October, it is also understood that the intermediate ones usually bring improvements.

At the moment, the only thing that has been reported is a 120Hz refresh rate improvement on the recently released 2021 MacBook Pros. And, despite having this technology, these Macs did not quite take advantage of it in all areas of the system and now it is more than noticeable when browsing in Safari. Beyond this, nothing. We assume that, as with 11.6.3, it will also bring some internal performance improvement.

No trace of Universal Control, again

When Apple unveiled macOS Monterey at WWDC in June, thousands of eyes focused on Universal Control. And it is that this function allows use a Mac and iPad with the same keyboard and mouse without having to do anything else, being very useful for those who work frequently with both devices.

universal control mac ipad

This feature was never available in the early betas, despite indications that it could be tampered with in some way. MacOS Monterey officially arrived and there was no sign either. Neither does it appear in the current 12.1 and, unfortunately, not in the first beta of 12.2 either. Although the fact that Apple releases several betas of its systems gives hope that it could be implemented in future betas. Although we insist that it is not confirmed and at the moment it seems that the company is choking more than they believed.

When will this version officially arrive?

The million dollar question is that it is foreseeable that macOS 12.2 will also arrive with iOS 15.3 and other versions, despite the fact that only the Mac is already in beta. Taking into account that the latest updates have been preceded by betas for almost two months, we suspect that these next ones will not arrive until February at least.

If we take into account that now the Christmas festivities period begins and with it the activity of the company is reduced, the process could take even longer. In any case, we will be attentive to it to report each advance, as well as the possible final dates on which they are expected to be released to the public.

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