New marking system that complies with the GDPR

Since May 2019 it is mandatory record the working day However, the arrival of the pandemic and its consequent hygiene measures led to the development of new marking measures in companies. In this context, Grupo SPEC has developed a new fingerprint marking system which, for the first time, makes this type of biometric marking compatible with the European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). In this way, the worker knows at all times where the information of his biometric data is located, which is not saved or sent to any external device or database, but in a proximity card that is always in his possession. .

Thus, the new card and marking system, mifare desfire combines identification by card and fingerprint to validate the marking. From SPEC, the security of biometric data is guaranteed, which helps to comply with the GDPR. The main difference with current marking systems is that, even during the process of recording the fingerprint on the card (enroll), This is done from the idSense terminal itself associated with the card, not in the time control software. Result? The information is recorded only on the card.

We receive many questions from our customers regarding biometric data, such as where it is stored or how it is transported in the rolling and marking process. It depends on the interpretation that each one made about the GDPR, you could think that you complied or not with the regulations. So we decided to evolve the fingerprint card system so that we would be certain that the owner of the biometric data is the only one who guards their data”, Explain Carlos MochonCTO of Grupo SPEC.

Card fingerprint verification

This new marking system contrasts the information on the card with the user’s fingerprint before validating the marking. The process is very simple. First, the proximity card is brought to the terminal and then the finger is placed on the fingerprint sensor. the terminal itself It will carry out the verification and if it is correct, it will proceed to send the record to the software. In no case, the permanence of data is maintained.

Although biometric data is considered sensitive information, the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Personal Data states that “It will only be considered a special category of data in the cases in which they are subjected to technical treatment aimed at biometric identification and not in the case of biometric verification.” The Mifare Desfire card compares the data on the card that the employee passes through the terminal, with the fingerprint that is subsequently signed. If these two data coincide, the marking will be valid.

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