New memories with more “gigs”, but are they really interesting?

If you have been attentive to the advances in the market of hardware components, you will have observed that they have appeared on the part of Micron memory modules with capacities of 24 GB and 48 GB each. We already told you at the time that the capacity of the RAM was not going to double. Are games really going to take advantage of that much RAM?

A few days ago we told you that the 16 GB dual-channel standard as recommended memory to be able to play has passed away for the adoption of 32 GB. And while more RAM is always good news, this is also a double-edged sword that could skyrocket the requirements of different applications. The reason? When there is an increase in memory capacity, applications are optimized less and less, asking for more capacity for no reason.

Do we really need 24 or 48 GB on our PC?

The memory manufacturer Micron has decided to launch 24 and 48 GB modules of DDR5 memorywhich operate at transfer speeds of 5200 and 5600 MHz. Since it is 100% recommended to have two modules installed at the same time, this translates into 48 GB and 96 GB dual channel configurations respectively. Well above 32 GB as recommended memory for games. That is, a 24 GB module falls short, but 48 GB is well above what is necessary.

Worse is the issue of 48 GB modules, since we can find PCs already assembled from the factory that boast such memory capacity, but are in Single Channel. In any case, despite the fact that 96 GB is an interesting amount of dual-channel memory, we must start from the fact that many motherboards on the market with DDR5 support have a limit of 128 GB and, therefore, they accept modules of up to 32 GB in their 4 slots. In other words, you will need new motherboards or a Firmware update of these to be able to increase the capacity to 192 GB.

The more memory the better

However, it is not about seeing the glass half empty. As much as 32 GB of RAM is going to be recommended, if you dedicate yourself to issues such as broadcasting content over the Internet, the fact of having 48 GB will become more than recommended. The problem comes when a PC doesn’t work like a console and we find ourselves with the operating system and its services, as well as some everyday applications consuming more and more RAM without meaning.

We say this especially for web browsers, many people have a tendency to leave tabs open and even programs in the background. That is why the more RAM the better, since opting for 48 GB and 96 GB configurations will mean that certain applications will not slow down the system due to lack of memory. However, as you will understand, this points to bad practices, both by application developers and by the users themselves.

If anything, it looks like 32GB will be the new standard for a long time, but more memory is always welcome. What capacity will be the most used by users? 32GB or 48GB?

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