New Microsoft Cloud for Retail functionalities to digitize physical stores

The company has added new capabilities to its retail cloud offering, Cloud For Retail, improved its offering of business applications. Smart Store Analytics and Store Operations Assist They are aimed at optimizing the digitization processes of physical stores. These, along with other novelties, have been presented at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2023, a global event that every year brings together the latest technological launches for the sector.

With these applications, Microsoft improves workflows in physical store (just like it would be done in an eCommerce) to enable digitized and intelligent spaces. Likewise, it boosts the employee experience by making it possible to track different tasks.

This smart retail concept generates new consumer data relevant to business operations. All this provides a more intuitive experience, capable of increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Smart Store Analytics, to have comprehensive visibility of shoppers

The stores generate up to 40 petabytes of data. However, these are siled – as customer touch points are often not linked to each other – so most retailers/stores only take advantage of a small amount of the information available.

Thanks to the new Smart Store Analytics functionality and the visibility it provides, retailers can implement hybrid business strategies. Smart brick-and-mortar stores can use the capability to analyze consumer buying behavior throughout the purchase cycle – from seeing the product to purchasing it. Furthermore, this information helps them optimize any element: from the design of the store, to the recommendations of products or the location of the shelves and the inventory. And ultimately, they can offer a smooth shopping experience.

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Store Operations Assist, a panel of activities with daily operations

Improving the work processes of frontline employees is investing in the customer experience. By empowering retail workers with the right tools, data, and knowledge, you can increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Store Operations Assist displays, in a single dashboard, all daily operational activities, from order fulfillment to customer service scenarios. The platform also makes it easier for managers to manage the store’s operational activities, thanks to the analysis of the information displayed, maximizing productivity.

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