New offer: all Apple TVs are discounted today

Purchase conditions on Amazon

It is possible to find in this store with products sold by Amazon itself, by brands and even by private third parties. However, the case of these products are marketed by Apple itself, so there are full guarantees that they are totally new and original. It is also allowed to return them within a period of 30 days if they do not convince you, being able to obtain a full refund. And if you keep it you will enjoy 2 years warranty, with coverage from Apple during the first one and Amazon during the second. Therefore, if we add the discounts they have, we see a good possibility to buy these devices through this store.

And what discounts on Apple TV are there now?

The first thing we want to let you know is that the offers can be very volatile and change at any time, also depending on the level of stock that is available. That is why we always recommend making a quick decision before they go up in price again.

If you look at the Apple TV 4K 2021, which was launched just a few months ago, we can find it with a 6 and 7 euro discount in its 32 and 64 GB versions respectively. We already said that they were not amazing discounts, but as the saying goes, less gives a stone. This is the most recent player from the Californian company and it incorporates the desired new fully functional and intuitive control for navigating the system.

If you want the previous Apple TV 4K you should know that it is still fully valid because it has few differences with the new one. Of course, it incorporates the old remote that is not bad, but it has a small learning curve. In this case, we can find the 32 GB version for 16 euros less than what it had just a few days ago and that in turn means paying 20 euros less than what the new one costs in an Apple Store.

The Apple TV HD which is still on sale at Apple is already offered with the new remote for 5 euros less than in an official Store. Again we find a discount that is not to pull our hair, but in the end it is still a small discount that is usually interesting considering that it has fast shipments and could even arrive earlier than if you buy it on your own company store. If you want it with the previous command you can find it with a 17 euros discount.

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