New Oracle Cloud AI Services to Bring Machine Learning to SMEs

Oracle has announced Six New Artificial Intelligence Services for Your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Platform. These services are designed and developed to be ready to use as soon as you access them or with few adjustments, and according to Oracle, “make it easier for developers to apply Artificial Intelligence services to their applications without the need for data science experience«. This makes the advertised services specially designed for small companies that want to enter the world of Artificial Intelligence.

With its launch, it is intended to end, therefore, with the implementation problems that all these companies face and that make many companies not take advantage of AI: difficulty in the adequate training of Artificial Intelligence models, access to silos data or get products that work in a real environment and live.

According Greg Pavlik, CTO of Oracle Cloud Platform, «For companies, filling the gap between what Artificial Intelligence promises and its implementation is essential, and what helps them achieve real results. And as a consequence of the aforementioned problems, “companies invest valuable time and resources when they need Artificial Intelligence that is consistent, responsive and capable of working in their business applications and operational environments to achieve actionable results.«.

The new Artificial Intelligence services are fully managed components of the Oracle Cloud infrastructure, and can be trained for data-oriented businesses in advance, or within the company itself with its own data. They are as follows:

  • OCI Language: It is responsible for performing text analysis in documents, customer feedback, support tickets and social networks. It does this for sentiment analysis, name recognition, text classification, and key expression extraction.
  • OCI Speech: is a real-time and automatic voice recognition service. He is trained with both native and non-native speakers. It can generate transcripts, index content, and help perform analytics on videos.
  • OCI Vision: is Oracle’s image recognition tool, and can be used for document analysis and processing, as well as image recognition for various applications in all types of industries.
  • OCI Anomaly Detection– It can detect irregularities in products and services, which accelerates the detection of errors and their resolution. It has various APIs and SDKs that allow it to integrate with various programming languages ​​to cover various business applications. Among the use cases for which it can be used are fraud detection, equipment failure prediction, and everything related to small anomaly detections to establish trends.
  • OCI Forecasting– A predictive analytics tool for predicting various business metrics. These include income, resource requirements, or product demand. Oracle has also included in it a confidence interval, as well as an explanatory part so that users have more facilities to understand why the predictions are like this, in addition to helping to make the correct decisions with them as a basis.
  • OCI Data Labeling: Used to label data sets that are used to train Artificial Intelligence models. The data sets, already tagged, can be exported and used to train models for other Artificial Intelligence services of the company’s Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

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