New problems in the AirPods Pro, this time for its battery

Precedent of an accessory that usually performs well

According to data provided by Apple itself, the AirPods Pro case is prepared to fully recharge the battery of the headphones up to 6 times. The specific data says that they are 24 hours of playback and taking into account that the hearing aids themselves give an average of 4 hours, the calculation is not complicated. And although these are ultimately references on paper, in real life it means that the case has excellent autonomy.

What’s more, on many occasions you probably forget that you even have to recharge the case. With “normal” use using the headphones 2-3 hours a day, the case will probably need to be charged 1-2 times a month at most. And this performance, although it can always be improved, does not produce any problems in principle and is seen with good eyes by users.

Up to 3 charges in a single week

In recent times we have received several reports indicating that the autonomy of the case of these headphones lasts less and less. In fact I myself am falling victim to this problem. A priori we could think that it is normal that with the passage of time and the natural wear of the battery, the autonomy has decreased. However, it is not so normal that it occurs in cases with few months of use as it is happening.

It is in my particular case where I can give more faith to the problem, having a completely new case since August and which I must recharge at least twice a week. And that my use of the AirPods Pro is not intensive either (1 hour a day and without using noise cancellation). The headphones themselves, new too, if they provide the expected autonomy.

What could be the cause of the problem?

Having to charge the AirPods Pro case two or even three times a week is not a drama either. “First world problems” some will think. And it is certainly not something to create an alarm, but it is the less striking that this problem is being common to several users suddenly and more in view of the fact that previously the case did load well.

Must rule out manufacturing defects and similar because in some reported cases, they are also new cases that have even been revised on purpose. Probably everything can come from a bad optimization caused by the latest firmware version (the 4A400). If this is confirmed, the company will probably soon issue a new update that will solve it, although for the moment we will have to resign ourselves to always having a charging cable or base at hand to recharge the AirPods Pro case.

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