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One of the posts that can never be missed is this one about everything that has happened this week for Apple’s series, movies and documentaries service, that is, Apple TV +. And it is that Friday is the best day of the week to start enjoying your free time and what better way to do it than by consuming the great quality content that this service from the Cupertino company hosts. So if you want to know everything new about Apple TV +, do not miss this post.

Top news of the week

How could it be otherwise, we have to start the post by telling you about the main news of the week, because we already warned you that quite juicy premieres are coming that will surely tempt you to see them all at once during this weekend. Just today, Friday, July 8, there are a large number of premieres within Apple TV +, so let’s go with them, slowly but surely.

  • locked up with the devil. This dramatic miniseries is a gritty psychological thriller that is made up of 8 episodes, all of them developed and produced by the great Dennis Lehane. Initially you will be able to enjoy the first two episodes, but starting next week one will be released every Friday until the 8 that complete it are reached. The protagonist is the star soccer player of the institute who is also the son of a decorated police officer and convicted drug dealer, Jimmy Keene, who is sentenced to 10 years in prison, being able to choose to go to a maximum security prison and befriend the alleged serial killer Larry Hall or go to a minimum security prison and serve his full sentence without the option of parole. So the only way out for Keene is to get a confession and find out where the bodies of several girls are buried, before Hall’s appeal is approved.
  • duck and goose. It is a preschool animation series that celebrates the great and unique friendship between these two protagonists, two feathered ones who, despite being great friends, usually have very different opinions in different aspects, however, this will make them discover that living with someone who is different from you can help you a lot to have completely new ideas in order to be able to solve the daily problems that life poses over time, whether they are big or small.

Another of the outstanding announcements this week has been the presentation of the trailer of the animated film «Luck». It will tell the story of Sam Greenfield, who is considered the unluckiest person in the world, who when he stumbles upon the unknown Land of Luck embarks on a quest to bring some good luck home for her best friend. . However, humans are not allowed in the Land of Luck, so he has no choice but to team up with the magical creatures that live there to achieve his goal.

More news

Obviously, not all the news within Apple TV + has to do with announcements of new series or movies, since it is also necessary to highlight the different updates that the series on broadcast are having. Fortunately for all the followers of the same, this week there will be a great update of episodes again, so the weekend will be packed to enjoy it.

  • Premiere of the fifth episode of the first season of loot.
  • Premiere of the sixth episode of the second season of Physical

These are the releases for the coming months

And to finish, as always we have to review everything that is about to come to Apple TV +, so that in this way, the hype increases in each of the followers of all the content that the Cupertino company is preparing for all of us. Then we leave you everything you can enjoy in a short time.

  • July 22
    • Cycles (3rd Season)
    • Forward
  • July 29
    • appearances
    • golden amber
    • See (third season)
  • August 5
  • August 12
  • August 19
    • sisters to death
    • surfside girls
  • no confirmed date
    • Slow Horses
    • Foundation (2nd season of the series)
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (new movie)
    • The Mosquito Coast (2nd season of the series)
    • Laison (new series)
    • Mythic Quest (3rd season of the series)
    • Ted Lasso (3rd season of the series)
    • The Reluctant Traveler (new show)
    • Acapulco (2nd season of the series).
    • Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong (documentary).
    • Raymond’s & Ray
    • I take care of the beer
    • The Sound of 007 (documentary).
    • The Spirit of Christmas (musical)
    • Towards Freedom (film)
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (film)
    • Argylle (film)
    • Sharper (movie)
    • Tetris (movie)
    • Napoleon
    • Number One on the Call Sheet
    • ghosted
    • spellbound
    • The Beanie Bubble
    • bad-blood
    • girlfriend
    • snowblind
    • Dolly
    • Bad Sisters
    • hijack
    • Criminal Record

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