New rumor about a device with a 27-inch screen for WWDC 2022

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Go ahead we are talking about rumors about rumours. And it is that while some media and analysts assure that the Cupertino company does not plan to launch new screens this year, that is, they leave the iMac out of any launch option, others like Ross Young, now appear warning of a possible device with a 27-inch screen and mini-LED technology.

Obviously, if we talk about 27-inch screens, the launch of an iMac comes to mind for all of us, the iMac that we had to have seen or that we can still see during the rest of the year and that many advance in saying that Apple removed it from its product catalog.

The 27-inch iMac could be really expensive, couldn’t it?

And it is that I have seen the 24-inch iMac together with the reduced price of Apple equipment thanks to the integration of Apple Silicon processors, we can think that this 27-inch iMac could be directly related to the Pro teams. This would mean a significant price increase in the product, but it is not clear if this will be the case or not.

Yesterday Ross Young, released this message on his official Twitter account, leaving the door open to a new product for the month of June. This does not mention whether it will be an iMac or not, what is indicated is that it would be with a mini LED screen, something that does not surprise us too much. Let’s hope that this is an iMac and that the Cupertino company does not rule out the big-screen computer for all users as it did with the 24-inch computer.

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