New rumors about a new Mac Pro and Mac mini for this year 2022

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Smaller Mac Pro for 2022

The new rumors that advance the devices that we will be able to see in this 2022, indicate that we could also see two new Apple computers and with the new Apple Silicon processors. We talk about the existence of a smaller Mac Pro and a new Mac mini too. Two expected novelties that users are looking forward to seeing in the market, since almost the entire Mac range has been updated, except for these models and honestly, they are too important in the catalog to neglect their updates.

Still digesting the news of the new rumors of the AirPods Pro II, we talk about a new rumor that indicates that we could see two new Mac models on the market in 2022. Nothing more and nothing less than a new Pro model and a mini model . The truth is that just thinking about a Pro model with Apple Silicon technology And seeing how fast the MacBook Pros are working with the new chips, they have to be a marvel and a super machine.

The same goes for the Mac mini, that versatile computer that lacks a little more power to be perfect and that now its time may have come and leave others as a mere memory.

According to predictions made in Mark Gurman’s Power On blog for Bloomberg, a Mac Pro with Apple Silicon will launch in 2022. Gurman estimates that the model will be smaller than the current existing Mac Pro design. At the same time, it is expected to contain some performance improvements when using Apple’s own chip design. The Mac Pro version of Apple Silicon is rumored to include a chip with up to 40 cores in the CPU and a 128-core GPU. Previously, Bloomberg claimed that the Mac Pro would use either 20-core or 40-core CPUs, as well as 64-core and 128-core GPU options. In other words, it is fine-tuning the predictions much more. Regarding the size of this new Mac Pro, indicate that it could be smaller than a G4 Cube.

Gurman also believes that a new Mac mini is on the way. Port options are believed to include a combination of USB 4 and USB-A, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, and a magnetic circular power connector. Think of a variant of the M1 chip like the M1 Pro or M1 Max, or a new generation like the already mentioned M2.

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