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We are increasingly connected to the Internet. Therefore, if we do not want to endanger all our data, it is necessary to follow a series of essential tips that help us to be safe and protected while we are connected. And, in addition to the basics, one of the essential tips to avoid falling into the clutches of hackers is to keep our software, especially the operating system, always updated with the latest security patches. And, if we are Windows users, the new patches april 2022 are already available for our PC.

Like every month, yesterday was the second Tuesday of the month. And that means that Microsoft launched, late in the afternoon, its new security patches for all versions of your operating system, as well as other company programs, such as Office.

On this occasion, Microsoft has corrected security problems in all versions of its operating system, from Windows 7 (as part of extended support) to Windows 11. The security of other company programs, such as .NET, has also been improved. Framework, Visual Studio, Microsoft Edge, Office and more. In addition, all versions of Windows have received between 4 and 9 security fixes against critical bugs.

We are going to see in detail everything that these new patches bring.

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Security patches for Windows: April 2022

The first of the versions that has received these new security patches is the classic Windows 7. This operating system has corrected a total of 41 vulnerabilities, of which 4 have been critical and 37 considered important. For example, remote code execution failures in SMB, LDAP and remote services stand out.

Windows 8.1 It has also received its share of patches, with a total of 51 vulnerabilities fixed. On this occasion, this operating system has corrected 7 critical bugs, and the rest classified as important. They also highlight a code execution bug in SMB, as well as security bugs in LDAP, Hyper-V, and other network management systems, such as NFS.

Windows 10 version 1909 it is the oldest version of Windows 1o that is still supported. In it, 68 vulnerabilities have been corrected, of which 8 have been critical and 60 important. The most important flaws are of the Remote Code Execution type, and are found in NFS, SMB, Hyper-V and other elements of the system.

The Windows 10 versions 20H2, 21H1 and 21H2 they have also received their share of patches, with a total of 72 vulnerabilities corrected, of which 9 have been considered critical and the rest important. The most serious bugs are of the code execution type, and are found in the same parts as in the rest of the Windows versions, that is, in SMB, NFS and Hyper-V, among others.

By last, Windows 11 It has also corrected a total of 69 security flaws, of which 9 have been considered critical and 60 important. These bugs allowed remote code execution and were found in LDAP, SMB, NFS, and Hyper-V, primarily.

Alongside security fixes, Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to fix some non-security bugs in operating systems. In this way, by the way, take the opportunity to improve their general operation.

Download the patches

These updates will reach all users via Windows Update. If we have automatic updates configured, these should be downloaded and installed automatically without having to do anything. Otherwise, we can search for new patches by hand to download and install them.

And, if we have problems with updates, we can also manually download and install them from the Microsoft Update Catalog:

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