New shortcomings are added to the Windows 11 Taskbar

All this in order to follow the roadmap and can reach us all at the end of October. With everything and with this, the firm based in Redmond you still have time to introduce new changes. Perhaps the expected compatibility with Android applications will arrive, or new functions for various sections of the OS. Despite the many aesthetic changes that are being carried out in the new one, it seems that the Taskbar is being one of the great harmed.

Items deleted from Windows Taskbar 11

As we recently informed you, this is a very important element that in Windows 11 does not come with a full context menu. This is something we talked about a few days ago, just as we told you that it is no longer possible to drag a file or an application to anchor it to the aforementioned Taskbar. On the other hand, we also found that this new Taskbar does not allow users to ungroup items and applications.

All this that we tell you is something that most users did not like at all. It is true that in general terms the interface aspect of the new design that brings with it Windows 11 is getting very positive reviews. However, certain changes are being seen, such as those mentioned, with which the opposite is happening.

We have already told you that Microsoft still has time to make more changes before the official launch of the new system. What we do not know is if they will be for the better or for the worse the software and its operation. And now we want to delve a little more into the Taskbar, to tell you about another element that has disappeared here.

Calendar sync also disappears

We tell you all this because as it has been possible to know now, in addition to these mentioned limitations, it seems that Microsoft has also eliminated the synchronization of the drop-down calendar of the Taskbar. As you will surely know first-hand at this time in Windows 10 We have the possibility to click on the clock icon on the right side of the Bar. This gives us direct access to the calendar function.

In addition, one of the most interesting sections of this is that it is integrated with the Calendar app Windows 10 itself. So we can add events to it, since it is synchronized in all our devices connected to the same Microsoft account. This is something that is widely used by both home users and professionals.

However, it seems that with the arrival of Windows 11, this will no longer be possible. Microsoft has removed the event integration in the calendar pop-up window, so it is no longer possible to see our agendas and events from the Taskbar.

Initially, some users assumed that it was a bug and that it would be fixed in the final version. But now it turns out that this is not a mistake at all, according to a statement made by Microsoft itself. This is actually a deliberate design change to enhance the dashboard. Windows widgets, elements that bring us events and other activities.

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