New Smart Features Arrive for Google Docs and Sheets

The Google team knows they have stiff competition in the office market. Not only because of the presence of Microsoft Office, the most popular and used today, but within the free and open source office suite, they increasingly have better developed and finished products. Therefore, they know that it is important to maintain Updated apps with new features, something both Sheets and Docs have recently received.

Smart suggestions for formulas and functions in Sheets

One of the new features that Google has added for Sheets, its Spreadsheet tool, are the smart suggestions online, sequential and context-sensitive that we are using when we start to use formulas and functions. These suggestions in the formulas will help us to facilitate the writing of new formulas with precision, as well as offer us the possibility of making the analysis of the data faster and easier.

To do this, it will only be necessary to start inserting a formula in Google Sheets. Then we will see how the suggestions are displayed automatically and as we continue writing. Additional incremental suggestions can be seen in the drop-down menu to make our work easier. We will be able to find this function running by default, but in case we are not interested we will have the possibility to disable it.

If you want to deactivate this function, it will only be necessary to click on «Tools» and «Enable formula suggestions», which when unchecked will be disabled and no suggestion will appear when writing a formula.

New smart replies feature for Docs

Google is also adding a new feature to its word processor, Docs, called Smart Reply or Smart Responses. This function, which has been available in Gmail since 2017, will be in charge of showing us suggested responses based on the context of the conversation in order to save us time.

Smart Reply for Google Docs

These Smart Responses suggestions will appear just below the response box of the comments. Thanks to this we will be able to choose a suggested answer or ignore the suggestion and write our own. Smart Reply thus joins the self-correction of redaction and smart orography announced in January 2021 to help us compose comments in Docs more quickly.

At the moment, this new Smart Answers feature will only be available in English and although it will be enabled by default we can disable it. To do this, we must go to the “Tools” tab, click on “Preferences” and uncheck “Show suggestions” for intelligent response.

Availability of new functions

The new Smart Suggestions for formulas and functions in Google Sheets and Smart Responses for Google Docs features will be rolling out gradually, so we may not have them immediately available. It is expected that they will be produced updates over the next two weeks and will be available to all Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business customers, as well as users with personal Google accounts.

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