New Spanish platform for any company to create its cryptocurrency and ICO

Blocknitive and consultancy, Block Impulse have unveiled a new platform entirely developed in Spain, with which companies will be able to create, in a simple way and in a few clicks, your own tokens and launch ICO (Initial Currency Offering).

This system democratizes the creation and launch of cryptocurrencies, which brands can use to retain their community. It is a new way to monetize your own brand value, your activities or any other incentives you can offer to those who acquire your tokens.

According to Michael Pecodirector of business development at Blocknitive, “With a cryptocurrency you can reach a global audience at the click of a button. In addition to building loyalty, you will be able to launch utilities within the platform that are only accessible from the token/cryptocurrency. You will have your own control of this new ‘economy’, generating an innovative way of creating value”.

ICO, token and the value for companies

A ICO is an Initial Coin Offering. Companies will be able to create their tokens or cryptocurrencies that will later give access to certain privileges, whatever the company wants to grant: concert tickets, product discounts, exclusive access to events…

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With this they will be able to retain their customers, by giving them access in the future to new ways of relating to the brand, through exclusive access to matters of value for this audience. The virtue of this method is that the brand will be able to offer what it wants and make it only accessible with your tokens.

It is a turnkey solution, which already has eight signed projects, and which goes beyond the simple creation of the token under the autonomy and decentralization of the blockchain.

The ICO platform, developed by the Spanish Blocknitive and Blockimpulse, includes legal and technical support throughout the entire token creation phase, with the aim of helping its conceptualization: to develop the token technologically and legally depending on the end goals for which you are creating them.

The project also includes a landing page, which will have a design responsive and it will be connected with web3 wallets, to carry out the operations of acquiring the tokens and their exchange for fiduciary currency (for example, dollars). The platform is integrated with the client’s own website and hosting, and will be connected to smart contracts, audited by an external and expert company, which will offer information on the token and the market.

Another interesting issue is the implementation of a referral system. In this way, the contacts that arrive from a certain website or person are stored on a private server, facilitating another way of marketing and affiliates.

An operation without limitations

Companies will be able to launch their tokens at the price they deem appropriate, in the phases that best suit them and publicly or privately. They will be able to choose the opening date of the sale phaseas well as the blocking and unblocking dates to allow the exchange of the acquired tokens.

Only the administrators will be able to withdraw the funds contributed by those users, with a simple click. The creators of the project clarify that “in no case is it a launch that pursues mere financing”. In reality, what is achieved is to provide the token with the capacity to be useful within our project, idea, community, activity, etc.

An authentic democratization is sought in the creation and launch of tokens. The options are endless, and the simplicity to start it up is extreme. Everything is customizable, safe and legal, thanks to the use of blockchain technology. And, at the same time, an immense range of possibilities opens up that the company manages with enormous simplicity”declares Carlos Callejo, CEO of Block Impulse.

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