New spheres and straps for the Apple Watch for Pride

As usual, Apple joins the Pride day again with new spheres and straps for the different Apple Watch. The Cupertino company participates in this celebration every year through this fantastic movement, showing, once again, how aware the company is with the apple logo of all social causes for the equality of people .

New Pride Spheres

Color is always the hallmark in this type of dial that the Cupertino company makes available to all users to join the Pride day celebration. In this case, Apple has opted for a simple design that they have called “Threads of Pride”, where you can see different threads that change thickness, vertically and between which the corresponding hour is formed. In addition, this sphere is available in two different colors, one with the background completely in whiteand another with the background completely in black. In order to use it, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
  2. Select “Gallery Gallery”.
  3. At the top, in the “New Spheres” section, “Strands of Pride” will appear, click on it.
  4. Choose the background color you want.
  5. Click on “ADD”.

pride spheres

In addition, Apple itself makes a detailed description of the dial itself which reads as follows, “This sphere combines the colors that represent the LGBTQ community. The threads transform to create the time and respond to the movements of your wrist. Plus, you can touch the strings or turn the Digital Crown to make them vibrate.”

These two new spheres are added to the Pride collection that you also have available in the Watch app, adding up to 11 different variants that you can use whenever you want. The design of these, like the rest of the spheres, is especially careful, and perfectly represents the message and spirit of such a special party. We must also add the presence of a sphere on the occasion of pride in collaboration with Nike, within the category of “Nike Bounce”, where you can see the time in black on a background with the representative flag of Pride or vice versa, the numbers with the color of the flag and the background in black. Also, you have to know that you do not have to download the Apple Watch faces mentioned, since they will already appear directly in the Watch app.

nike rebound pride

New straps for Apple Watch

In the same way that this new strap has been launched, the Cupertino company has also made two new straps available to all users to celebrate Pride. In this case both are of the type Sport Loopbeing available from now to be able to acquire them through the Apple Store.

pride white

The first of them presents the Pride flag on a white background, also making presence of the word “pride” which takes on quite a bit of prominence. The second, which is a special edition also with Nike, shows the pride flag, but in this case on a completely black background. So users can also combine the new straps with the new spheres. Both are priced at 49 euros.

pride black

These two new straps are added to the existing one Braided Solo Loopwhich of course, since its launch, has delighted all users who have purchased it, both for its attractive aesthetics and for the comfort that this type of strap provides to all users who wear it with their Apple Watch .

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