New to the Nintendo Switch OLED? Do not remove the projector from the screen, here we tell you why

Following the recent arrival of the new Nintendo Switch OLED to the market, doubts about its operation, differences and care have begun to arise on the internet, and although it is true that this console is very similar to the standard edition, it also has some important differences that are due to pay attention

The new one Nintendo switch came equipped with a screen OLED 7 inches, being .8 inches larger than its predecessor, managing to preserve its size thanks to a significant reduction in the bezels. This console also brings with it twice the storage compared to the last generation, that is, 64 GB.

If you are one of the lucky ones who already has one Nintendo Switch OLED with you, or that you are about to acquire one, here are some tips to take care of your screen and get the most out of it.

Tips for taking care of your Nintendo Switch OLED

As we’ve already mentioned, the biggest change is centered on your screen. OLED, a “new” technology that brings as main benefits a more vibrant image, that is, more intense colors and darker blacks, which results in a more realistic representation.

Unlike the Traditional switch, which includes an IPS / LCD panel with plastic finishes, the new OLED panel It is finished in glass, which is why you should be more careful and not remove the protector on the screen that it comes with, since in addition to protecting it against possible scratches, it could also prevent fragments from spreading if it were to break.

In fact, Nintendo warns, in its user manual, that you should not remove it: “Do not remove the adhesive anti-scatter protector from the screen OLED console. “It goes without saying that this protector does not affect the visual appearance of the screen, or the console.

Another recommendation that we can give you is not to leave the same fixed image for a long time since this type of panels, OLED, they are more prone to image retention, which could result in an image remaining on the image in the long term.

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