New training challenges for the Apple Watch in February

With the arrival of the Lunar New Year from February 1 to 15 in Asia, the Cupertino company will launch a series of new training challenges for Apple Watch users. In this sense, it is more than likely that the Lunar New Year Challenge only available in China and other East Asian countries.

The truth is that this type of «Apple Watch Activity Challenges» motivates less active users to get the medals, stickers and the badge that is stored in the section of “Limited Edition Challenges” that we have in the “Fitness” app.

The Chinese New Year is approaching and with it a new challenge

On this occasion to celebrate the new lunar year, the firm clarifies the type of training or activity necessary to win the new achievement:

Balance this season of relaxation with a little exercise. Do any workout for at least 20 minutes between February 1st and February 15th to get this prize. Log your workout with the Workout app or any app that adds workouts to Healt

On the other hand, in the United States and possibly in other countries, Apple will also launch the activity challenge called: Annual Unity Challenge, this is usually carried out from the 7th to the 28th of February. During the past year the rest consisted of closing the ring of movement for seven times in a row, possibly this year 2022 will be the same. «This coming month, let us honor black history and look forward to our future together.» Also indicate that these challenges are exclusive for a time and have nothing to do with those that are carried out monthly in the Fitness app.

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