New Twitter Verifieds to debut in India in less than a month

Twitter Verified have always been a recurring topic of conversation among fans of social networks. Over the years, we have seen how verification programs were activated, deactivated, reactivated, frozen again, etc., and the lack of transparency about the system to grant them, recognized by the social network itself some time ago, has never acted in his favor. And, even so, there are many users who have wanted to obtain it, because in some way it grants a certain status in the little bird’s social network. I myself, at some point, have considered opting for it, but I recognize that my irregularity in the use of Twitter has never played in my favor.

Be that as it may, during the last few days, and after the landing of Elon Musk on Twitter, verified user badges have become one of the trending topics (in an expression typical of the social network) on everyone’s lips. And it is that you already know, one of the plans to improve income goes through make verifications associated exclusively with Twitter Blue, the mode of payment of the service. His initial plan was to impose a monthly fee of 20 dollars but, after the enormous volume of criticism that the advance of that measure received, he opted for a more moderate price, eight dollars a month.

The problem (well, one of many actually) is that verified accounts today have a huge reach, that is, they are available in much of the world. Nevertheless, Twitter Blue can only be contracted in Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand, which is why many verified from other regions, whether or not they are interested in signing up for Twitter Blue, are wondering what will happen to their verified badges once the new model is adopted. Common sense leads us to think that they should keep their badges, at least until they can contract Twitter Blue, but of course, trusting that common sense will prevail is, paradoxically, foolish.

Now, it may not be necessary to wait too long to solve that problem. And it is that, before a question about How long will Twitter Blue take to reach India?Elon Musk I have answered «Hopefully less than a month«thus giving one more example of his, without a doubt, more than ambitious plan to improve the monetization of the social network, a problem that must undoubtedly be subtracting hours of sleep, as we already raised a couple of days ago.

Personally, it seems to me an error linking the verified to the payment of a monthly fee. It is true that, as I indicated at the beginning, transparency has been lacking for many years and has probably been granted arbitrarily on more than one occasion. However, with few exceptions, it does tend to be an element that adds value, both for recognizing notable people in their field, and for quickly identifying fake accounts, which emulate those of recognized personalities.

Nevertheless, Musk stepping on the accelerator regarding the global deployment of Twitter Blue does seem to me to be a success. I have never understood, and I have already said it on previous occasions, that its geographical scope continues to be so limited, when more than a year has passed since its launch. Perhaps Musk’s plan is too ambitious, but this, this point in particular, seems to me a logical response to the defect, in this sense, of the previous board of directors.

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