New version of Safari Technology Preview with macOS Ventura features

Safari Technology Preview Update 101

Released a few weeks ago and still in beta, macOS Ventura promises many good features. Not just Stage Manager, we have features that cater to Safari and that’s what we’re here to talk about now. Thanks to Safari Technology Preview, Apple can test these new features in a test environment without harming the main functions of the browser. The new version of this browser that looks like Safari but isn’t, includes Live Text, support for Apple Passkeys and web extensions, among other features.

Safari Technology Preview is the browser created by Apple to be able to test the new functionalities that are coming out and that affect the browser. These are functions that are developed in a test environment. It is as if we said an eternal beta phase. With that, you can see if the new functions will have a place in the Safari browser that we all use, but with the certainty of not spoiling anything.

With this new version, you can try LiveText (Extract text from images and videos from the Web). support for Apple Passkeys (new type of phishing-resistant credential that makes logging into websites safer and easier). Improved Safari Web Extensions (such as the ability to programmatically open a Safari Web Extension popup). Web Checker (Ability to create custom tools). web-push (To be able to send notifications to people who opt in to a website or web app with Safari Technology Preview in beta versions of macOS Ventura.)

However, it seems that some features are still missing, such as tab group synchronization, site settings, and web extensions.

You know, if you want to try these new features, all we have to do is download this new version and start enjoying these new improvements.

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