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A weekend without the compilation of the most important news is not a weekend. In this case, the week started strong with the arrival of the different versions of Apple OS (except macOS Monterey) and with the first beta versions for developers and users registered in the public beta program later.

In this case we also have to highlight the arrival to users of the new iPhone 13 and iPad mini models last Friday, September 24. In addition to these news, we came across other interesting news throughout the week. Today we will share with you some of the most outstanding ones on I’m from Mac.

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We start with not very good news for users. Apple’s Find my feature for AirPods and Beats headphones will be delayed. We do not have a sufficiently clear reason to explain but it is true that the feature will arrive a little later than expected to Apple headphones.

We continue with another of the important news of the week and in this case about the arrival of the new version of Apple’s browser, Safari. This new version is now available to users for Mac and iOS and adds a number of interesting new features along with some changes that many users continue to adapt to.


On the other hand, the SharePlay function comes back to the beta versions of macOS and iOS. In the latest beta versions released by Apple we came across this surprise after for some reason the function will be eliminated of the SOs of the Cupertinto firm.

And to finish we want to share the news about the statement leaked from Apple for the workers in which it precisely talks about stopping the leaks. This is something complicated to manage in such large companies and with as many people working as AppleBut Tim Cook is determined to fight it.

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