new weapons, vehicles and map changes

As Epic Games had announced a few days ago, today, March 10, a new season of Fortnite has begun, season 2 corresponding to Chapter 4. This new Chapter, called MEGA, has a Japanese aesthetic that reminds us of the comic and movie Akiraespecially the city with the same name.

This new season comes, just like the previous ones, with interesting changes to the map, but it also comes with some bad news for users who are still enjoying this game from a Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC. Chapter 4 of the second season, Epic Games has removed support for computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8so it is necessary to have Windows 10 onwards.

If we do not plan to change computers, we will not have any problem in continuing to play, since we can do it on these computers through NVIDIA GeForceNow and Xbox Cloud Gaming, both options completely free of charge without the need to pay a subscription.

New weapons and vehicles

One of the most striking novelties, as with each new season, is found in the map changes. In this new season, the MEGA City flooded with neon lights stands out and includes scroll bars to quickly move from one point of the city to another.

As for mobility, the Victory Crown Rogue, a racing motorcycle and the vehicle nitro drifter to prove our worth behind the wheel by drifting all over the map and on the Drift Diversion circuit. As for weapons, the most interesting novelty is found in the Katana Kinetic blade with which to perform devastating attacks that includes 3 charges.

In addition, it has also included devastating assault rifle with silencer (available in mythical version after defeating the boss Card), the devastating pump shotgun (also available in legendary version in cameras with access card) the faccelerated pulse usil4 weapons known to all return from the chamber:

  • heavy shot rifle
  • Cobra Designated Marksman Rifle
  • Dragon’s Breath Marksman Rifle
  • combat shotgun

Regarding the increases, one of the most important novelties of season 1 of chapter 4, with this new season 7 new increases have been introduced.

  • Stinky and Profitable (displays loot nearby after coming out of a hideout)
  • Treasure Hunter (displays chests upon entering a location)
  • maximum high
  • swipe ammo
  • Medium Ammo Booster
  • shotgun recycling
  • dignified ending


He battle pass, like all the previous ones, it costs 950 paVos. If we have managed to save all the V-Bucks we won in the previous battle pass, we can buy it directly. But, if it is not like that, we can buy them in third-party stores like Eneba, where we can buy 2,800 paVos for PC for just over 20 euros. We can also buy V-Bucks for PlayStation and Xbox.

This new battle pass includes up to 8 new skinsbeing one of them that of the anime character Eren jaeger which will be unlocked within weeks.

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