New Worlds breaks GPUs again, now in NVIDIA and AMD, does yours fail?

The New World release keeps breaking GPUs. Amazon’s ambitious MMO has once again claimed new victims in the form of gaming graphics cards that are literally breaking. And no, we are not talking about the case of the RTX 3090 made by EVGA, but the list of victims has grown to include not only other graphics manufacturers NVIDIA, but also AMD. What is happening?

Amazon’s bet for the world of video games is an MMO in the style of the classic, but already in decline World of Warcraft, and the boom of the moment: Final Fantasy XIV. What no one expected is that the Amazon game would become a killer of gaming graphics cards, although if we are objective it is literally impossible for a game to destroy a graphics card or make it work until fried.

GPUs keep breaking when running New World, what is happening?

At the moment the cause that causes high-end gaming graphics cards to burn until they become totally useless when running the Amazon MMO has not been identified. It is speculated that the game does not have a limit on frame rate and seeks to render as many as possible, even if it does not show them on the screen, which causes them to be put in Boost speed for as long as possible and this ends up having, obviously, dire consequences for the hardware that is not designed to work at said speeds for long periods of time.

This problem would be affecting high consumption gaming GPUs, it would place them in the 400 W of continuous consumption, and therefore high-end as they are based on thes RTX 3080, its Ti model and the RTX 3090, which are based on the graphics chip NVIDIA GA102. Although this problem does not occur only to users of the green brand and if you have a graphics card based on Navi 21 and therefore a RX 6800 (XT) or a RX 6900 XT from AMD you are also going to find the same problem.

GPU Burned

With the official launch of New World, the number of GPUs that are breaking has increased, since the number of users of the game has increased and consequently the problem has been magnified in social networks. In any case, we cannot forget that there are hundreds of games that do not have a frame limiter and have not ended up destroying graphics cards as is happening with the Amazon MMO.

Without knowing exactly the causes from the part of the game, what occurs to us as the most logical explanation is a drop in manufacturing qualities and the finishes of the graphics cards that we have seen launched on the market in recent months. In any case, running New World with the most powerful Radeon or GeForce of the moment has become a risky sport. Have you suffered the problem with this Amazon blockbuster with your top-of-the-range graphics from NVIDIA or AMD?

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